is completely lacking in me. My mother and her mother seem to have been very creative people, but it appears to have skipped me! I guess I have more of the numbers and linear brain, but I'm always looking for ways to increase my creativity (the only way you can go is up when you have nothin'!) in light of my love from scrapbooking.

I check out a few blogs of scrapbookers who have had idea books published. Ones I particularly enjoy are Cathy Z., Ali E., and Tara. I found them to be an inspiration not only in scrapping, but in other ways related to life.

I've seen these ladies and others discuss books by SARK and decided to see if I could find some more info on

I found one whose title imediately spoke to me - Make Your Creative Dreams Real : A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day.
The book's title hit every part of me except the desire to sleep all day (OK, I want to do this occationally, but not normally). So, I checked out EBay and found one for $10.00 and bought it. I'll be anxiously awaiting its arrival to see if it can serve as inspiration for improvement.

Tara's entry on April 11th challenged readers to choose one project a week and set aside a little time everyday to work on something fun around the house. Gone would be the excuses of(quoting Tara), never getting "the fun things done around my house because i am always playing catch-up. doing the grunt work. keeping it clean. etcetera, etcetera....."

Table I decided to take her up on it and since I lack creativity, decided to work on the guys' play table that was made by Craig's maternal grandfather, similar to her first project. I took the picture last night and maybe tonight I'll look around the net for cool pictures or paper.

I keep trying to remember that a trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thanks, ladies, for helping make the trip fun! I'll keep this blog updated with the results.


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