Drewbie's Birthday Activities

Drebie as the Police Man We had a great day on Drewbie's birthday. We stared the morning off a little lazy by hanging around the house and playing in our PJs. Drewbie has really taken a liking to the police bike Grandma and Papa M gave to Weather Boy for his first Christmas. He manages to get off and on the bike, which rocks back and forth and plays sounds and music. He seems to be a thrill seeker because he enjoys standing on the seat while holding the handle bars and rocking back and forth. Evel Knievel, watch out!

We suddenly got motivated, and went to the Poway train. The ticket office was temporarily closed when we got there, so we went over to the Farmer's Market and bought a couple of pretzels. Both Weather Boy's dad and I thought that the pretzels at Petco Park are much better. We toyed with idea of making our own for a moment. Less salt and more dough would be perfect.

Trolley We gobbled them up and jumped on the trolly. Drewbie is still chewing on his piece in this picture. Weather Boy was happy with this mode of transporation because he said, "It's really quite." Two times around the park went pretty fast. The guys enjoyed the trolley ride, but were ready to get off and enjoy the foutain and park. Who would have ever known that water shooting in the air in a pool would be so entertaining! Maybe we need to add one of these to our backyard. Hmmm.

The Guys The guys got together for this photo while watching the trolley go by. Drew is STILL chewing on the pretzel piece! The only things he really eats besides jars of baby food and baby oatmeal are Cherrios, bread, and crakers. Everything else, he'll keep in his mouth for a few seconds then spit it out. I think we are going to get a tounge lashing from his doctor Tuesday for not being more aggressive with food. Barb thinks he is going to be like his dad - very picky eater. Hopefully, that won't be the case, but we'll see.

Oooo...pretty lights!Just as Weather Boy was waking from his siesta, the M side of the family arrived for Drewbie's party. We had a great time of conversation and too much food. Drewbie received a lighted pretend fish tank from Grandma and Papa M. Pictures of fish rotate by under a pane that makes it look like the fish are swimming. It is quite the hit with both Drewbie and Weather Boy. This is a picture of Drewbie being lulled by the aquarium. We got Drewbie this toy, which has become an instant hit with Drewbie and Weather Boy. Only problem is it's a little noisy. Oh well. I'm just happy they enjoy it.

Drewbie vs. the Cake Finally, it came time for cake. We put a cake for smashing in front of him and he was a little hesitant at first. After some time, he really got into squishing it in his hand. He never managed to put any in his mouth, but I think he enjoyed the sensation of squishing the cake tight in his hand. He didn't make that big of a mess, and we managed to clean up, have cake, and call it a night.

Happy Birthday, Drewbie!


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