Rambling thoughts of a tired mom

Saturday night and I'm beat. Fun day playing with the guys. Went to Toys R Us to get a new helmet for home since the other one went to school. Vons trip. Home for lunch of chicken for the guys and a Vons tuna sandwich for me. Nap time - rest a little. Worked on some administrative items around house.

Chicken Casserole - it's what's for dinnerUp from nap, started making Tex-Mex Chicken 'n' Rice Casserole. Probably the third or fourth time I've cooked a meal since being married. Never been a priority to cook. Went out to eat or pieced together meals before kids. After Weather Boy entered our lives, did same with a little more eating a home and Weather Boy's dad cooking. Now with Drewbie, eating out isn't very peaceful. Tired of same old stuff, so decided to do some cookin', but easy stuff.

Cooking was a dance with the two guys around. Cooked chicken in grilling pan on the stove. Guys did well, except for when Drewbie stepped off the step stool and took the fall on his lip. Looks a little ugly. Didn't realize how bad it was until Weather Boy's dad got home and pointed to the big blood spot on my shoulder.

Anywho, Dinner OK. Nothing special. Could have made similar thing with less labor, but oh well. Least I helped relieve the burden on Weather Boy's dad, who confessed he really wanted a burger for dinner.

Couple weeks ago, tried Baked Cavatelli , except could find cavatelli at Vons so did it with tube pasta instead. I liked it. Drewbie shook his head when he was offered some, Weather Boy wanted pasta with butter instead, and Weather Boy's dad had seconds. Good recipe. Next time I would make it the night before and just put in oven in evening rather than trying to do it all in one evening.

Went to park after prep of dinner. Had fun running around with guys. We are finally into sweatshirt weather in So. Cal. Perfect for me. Getting tired of the heat, especially without A/C. Almost time to fire up the purpose of the blog again. Weather Boy thought it might rain today, but it didn't. I think he's a little rusty. Hopefully soon we'll get some weather.

Village goofball!Put the Department 56 Halloween Village, the last weekend of September. Did it with Weather Boy's help. Suprisingly very quick to do. Guys LOVE the village!!! It makes fall and October something to look forward to, and not just the end of summer blues.

Look at me, mom!Went to the O's pumpkin patch last weekend - see post with "Herrrre's Drewbie" picture. Weather Boy loved going down the jumpie slide by himself. Loved his expression after each run.

Finally, went to SDSU football game that had KGB Sky Show. Pretty cool fireworks. Check, check, check, check it out!!!

Better than the 4th of July!

Sore throat right now. Tired. Going to be an early night. I think there was more that I wanted to say, but too sleepy. Adios.


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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