Apple a Day

Since it is getting darker earlier, we have been spending more time inside in the evenings. We have been enjoying playing baseball inside with the Lego Sword and a beach ball and pushing a car that shoots sparks out the hood back and forth to each other.

Being the mom I am, I’m always in search of new ways to get Weather Boy to eat more fruit and vegetables. He likes salad, but has kind of shut down on everything else with us. I know he eats them at school, but I’d kind of like to see him eat them with my own eyes. Drewbie, on the other hand, could be a vegan vegetarian without blinking an eye. He LOVES grapes, bananas, raisins, etc.

Anywho, I bought an Apple Peeler-Corer-Slice gizmo the other day. We have been enjoying a couple apples a day because of this little machine. Weather Boy enjoys cranking the handle. Last night, I let Drewbie crank the handle and he did a great job. These pictures were taken with the camera I go for 5 years of service at work.

Apple machine

More of the apple machine

They guys are still wearing their bathing suits from a trip earlier in the day with Weather Boy’s dad out on the lake. Weather Boy took an unexpected dip. He was leaning over and was playing with the remote controlled boat when he leaned too far and went head first. Yes, Grandparents, he was wearing his vest, so he popped right up, and Weather Boy’s dad was right next to him. Weather Boy’s dad was really concerned that Weather Boy’s glasses were going to be lost forever, but they managed to stay on the tip of his nose. Whew!

As they were driving home from the lake and a run to Costco, Drewbie was fading. He even told Weather Boy’s dad while in the car, “Night night.” He slept for 3 hours and Weather Boy for two.

Blowing bubbles During bath time, the guys have been having a ball blowing bubbles. They use these yellow plastic tubes that Weather Boy’s dad found in a rental (I think they are legs to a something) and blow through one end while the other is under the water. Drewbie has really gotten into it, and claims the tube as “Mine!” We managed to find another one in the garage so they both could have one and we could keep the peace… at least for a minute or two.

If I close my eyes, you can’t see me!Finally, this is one of the first pictures I took with my new camera. It has a double flash for red eye, and Drewbie managed to close his eyes just in at the right time. For some reason, this picture makes me giggle.

Well, Happy Friday to all of you! Drop me a line or comment if you gotten this far.


Julianne said...

love the apple pealer!

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