Parent Teacher Conference

PTC Parent Teacher Conference yesterday afternoon with Weather Boy’s teachers. Received the following superstar report:

Ready for kindergarten. They can’t believe he isn’t/can’t go to kindergarten next year because he’s so ready, but misses the cut-off for public school by 17 days. They are strict on this cut off so if we wanted him to go to next fall, we would have to send him to private school. Will get some names of Pre-K programs to check out. Thought it was OK to not go next year and it’s probably better since he’s a boy. Serious outlay of cash next year if Weather Boy still goes next fall and Drewbie starts going (eligible to go in November 06). Two other boys he started with, W & C, (Forever be it known that W & C, plus Weather Boy will be called “The Gang of Three”) will be there next year too because they miss the cut off also.

Kids like him and naturally gravitate to him and look up to him. They want to play together, but there are times when the kids get in his face and he’s had enough – he wants some time to himself. When this happens, he tells the kids that he needs some time to himself and he’s done playing. He’s never afraid to say that. I’m glad to hear this because sometimes when I pick him up, he’s playing by himself, which made me sad, but now it’s OK.

He enjoys building more than doing art. He did help build the giant spider but definitely likes to stack and build buildings.

His cutting skills are exceptional. Weather Boy’s dad thought this was funny, but I can appreciate the motor skill development milestones.

He’s smart. When discussing or looking at bugs in a book, he tells all the other kids details about the bugs.

This year he has really likes to say he did such-n-such at Trinity. This, I’m sure, thrills Weather Boy’s dad. I think it’s neat that these annual trips, including the 10 hours EACH WAY, with two toddlers in the car are imprinted in mind. Did I mention 10 hours EACH WAY :-)

There is construction happening close by, and the class has been watching the progress. Weather Boy loves watching the big drilling machine with the different bits. When teacher asked, “Who would like to draw a picture of what we just saw,” Weather Boy was the first to volunteer. Teacher was impressed with how he drew the backhoe scoop.

Writes his name well

Will work on making sure he doesn’t leak or go pee in his pants.

Not taking regular naps, but he was napping when we saw him after the meeting. They will work on some special activities for The Gang of Three during the time when they don’t nap. W & C have dropped naps.

Nice to hear about Weather Boy in more detail. Get little tidbits here and there throughout the year, but nice to get more detail. Weather Boy’s dad left with Weather Boy so saved me a commute to pick him up. Still haven’t downloaded picture from weekend boat trip. Maybe Weather Boy’s dad will do it today since he has a stay at home day with both guys today.

Best to you all (or no one, since I think I’m the only one who reads this stuff!)


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