Thanksgiving and before

Happy Fall Y'all!Great Thanksgiving weekend. Nice to be home for four days straight and enjoy the guys. My back is a little tired from carrying them for four days straight, but very worth it.

T-day eve I skipped out of work a few hours early (office closed at 3:00 but I left at 12:30) and headed to my local scrapbook store. On the weekends if I'm overly temped I run into this same scrap store and browse quickly while the guys play in the play area - max 15 minutes. It was nice to linger and look around at things they have. Headed down to the mall to do a return and see about getting a couple more work shirts.

Picked up Weather Boy at 3 and went home to find Weather Boy's Dad and Drewbie on the couch. Drewbie had a faucet for a nose and was mellow. Managed to get motivated and enjoyed a Panera salad for dinner.

Worked on organizing the scrap space and watched U-571 on Bravo. Some reason I live seeing movies I like over and over again. Maybe it's "growing up" the last 10 years on a href="" target="_blank">TBS playing the same movies over and over again. Nice to have something familar on in the backgroup while I surf the net, scrap, etc. Don't have to watch it to know what's coming on next. Crazy me.

T-day morning went to the school/park. We wanted to make sure we got Drewbie down for a good nap - 2 hours - before we entered the family chaos. Weather Boy slept for less than an hour and then it was time to go to Tia R & Tio M's house for an early dinner. Nice seeing family, but a quick visit. Off to Grandma and Papa L's for dessert. Head home for much needed sleep since I only had 5 hours sleep the night before.

Weather Boy's dad took Friday off and we contributed to the economy. Did a little shopping at a sporting good store and had lunch at Rubio's. Nice change of pace for us. Normally everything revolves around the guys and we put ourselves on the back burner. More scarping while they were napping.

Saturday Weather Boy's dad had to work. Guys went to Grandma and Papa L's to help set up the Christmas Train. Had a couple hours to myself so I went to the grand opening of a scrap store. Saved 25% due to sale and got two goodie bags. Very happy. Wanted to enjoy lunch at a Fins, but the location by our house closed and changed to another Mexican food resturant. Since I was there, tried a bean burrito and it was pretty good. Have been staying away from bean burritos for a while, but I think the sign of a good Mexican food place is if they have good beans. Had same for dinner, too. Probably won't go again because it's a little too greasy.

Sunday played around house while Grandma and Papa M came by to visit. Guys really enjoying playing in the bark, and I was actually able to leave them out there for about 10 minutes by themselves without them looking for me. Right around 1:00, Drewbie started wander around the back yard. Got the feeling he was looking for a way into the house and to his bed. Went inside and watched a little Bob the Builder to mellow out, and off to naps. Worked on gathering photos for the latest 8 x 8 album I'm close to finishing.

Tonka Memory GameDrewbie napped for almost 4 hours. Weather Boy for 2 hours. Enjoyed playing Tonka Memory Game that Auntie K gave Weather Boy last Christmas. Weather Boy beat me two of the three times we played, and I was trying! Guess my memory is already going!!! Had fun snail hunting and playing ice hockey (golf clubs and ball on our neighbor, CP's, grass).

Hard to say good-bye to the weekend. At least I can look forward to having the week between Christmas and New Year's off. Lots of writing without pictures make a blog reader bored. I'll post some pictures right after this.


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