More and More Pictures

DimpleHere are some more pictures from the weekend of the 21st of January when the boys when to the Hope. This is a great shot of Weather Boy's dimple.


The next Tiger Woods. Has to work on keeping his left foot down in the follow thru. :-)

Hang on!One of my favorites!

Another Dimple shotHere's another shot of the dimple. With the new camera, we are able to see little details like this since it takes pictures so fast. Can you tell I love his little dimple?!

Hello!I LOVE THIS PICTURE! So happy!

DrewbieAlright, enough of the first born. Here's a picture I love of Drewbie. Check out he bruise he has on his forhead. Always seems like he has one there.

DrewbieSilly Drewbie peaking thru a chair.

Fishing AroundDrewbie loves playing this game. He was laying on the ground so he could see the little fish mouths opening.

Rock StarDrewbie as the rock star

Sea WorldThe boys at Sea World. We bought the fun pass and have been enjoying breaking up our routine of going to the zoo all the time by checking out Sea World.

GraduateHeath's school is doing some ads and some of the kids had there pictures taken. They'll make a selection of the best from the pictures. I, of course, think these are the best!


ShinnerFinally, just a few hours into the new year, we had our first of many injuries. Weather Boy was pushing his new dump truck from Grandma and Papa M (present for Christmas) in the driveway on New Years Day, before we went to the Auto Show. The truck did an unexpected dump, and Weather Boy's face meet the driveway. His glasses were all askew, and we could tell a shinner was in his furture. He got over it pretty quick and didn't want to ice it for long. This is the best picture I got of it the next day.

There are some pictures from December I would still like to post, like the picture of the boys with Santa. I hope to do that soon and also provide some funny stories Heath has just so I can jot them down and remember them, and also to share with you.

Best to you all!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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