Pictures from February or The Post that will never end!

Penny for your thoughtsWe went to ride the choo choo at the park in early February. One of the boys' favorite activities is throwing pennies in the fountain. We always make sure we have a collection of pennies with us before we go. Weather Boy's dad got some great pictures, including someone taking a bath (scroll down to see who).

Watch me throw it to the top!

HummingbirdThankfully, the hummingbird was the only one taking a bath this trip!

Happy BoysWeather Boy's dad is really enjoying the new camera. We did a mini photo shoot and here is the results. I got the boys to laugh at this one by hiding behind Weather Boy's dad and playing peak a boo.

DrewbieNotice my arm in this one? Safety first!

Peak a boo!

Making ValentinesLike last year, Weather Boy made Valentine cards to hand out at school. School provides the blank cards and some fun stuff to put on them. Seems like I was struggling with Weather Boy to get them done, but the day before Valentine's day, Weather Boy's dad got Weather Boy to crank out the rest.

Making ValentinesI love these different prospective shots Weather Boy's dad has been getting with the new camera. The table we are using was made by Weather Boy's dad's maternal gradfather, who I never had the honor of meeting. He was quite the carpenter. The chairs on the table are connected to the legs and swivel out when you need to use them or to put them away. Weather Boy's dad and his siblings used this table, then the U family, and now us.

Drewbie was grumpy one night during the second week of Feb, and I thought he might be teething. I loaded him up with Motrin before he went to sleep for the night.

I stayed up late, and just as I was going to bed about 11:30, Drewbie started wailing. I went in there to comfort him. We had put him in new PJs that were too big and Drewbie appeared to be irrated at the foot area, so after struggling for a while, I changed his PJs. After 45 minutes, I gave up and asked Weather Boy's dad to put him down. After a little milk, he got him back to sleep. He cried off and on the rest of night, but we thought he just wanted some attension, so we let him cry.

Next morning, Drewbie was home with Weather Boy and dad to hang out. About 4:30 in the afternoon, Weather Boy's dad calls me at work to chat. He causually mentions that Drewbie had a rash. Probing further, Weather Boy's dad mentions that a boy at daycare had a horrible rash a few days ago. Daycare provider thought it was Roseola. Some how, Weather Boy's dad was OK with this, and left Drewbie there. A day or so after telling me this, Weather Boy's dad said the boy looked hideous and that if it were his child, he would have been runnig to the doctor.

Anywho, I immediately called after hours pediatrics to get an appointment after work to get Drewbie's rash looked at. By the time I got home and took Drewbie to the doctor, there was nothing to be seen. I did see a little bit before we left for the doctor's. It looked like flea bits. After leaving the doctor and feeling stupid for taking him to the doctor and wasting everyone's time, Drewbie and I went to pick up dinner. As I was getting him out of the car seat, the rash had reappeared on his jaw line. Just my luck that it came back AFTER we had left the doctors!

We gave him Benadryl and put Cordaid on the rash when it appeared. When it did appear, it was in primarily the warm areas of his body or where his body rubbed against something like his clothes. He even got them on his head under his hair. I could tell it itched like hell. Turns out the night I thought he didn't like his PJs was due to the top of his feet itching badly, which I learned the second night. We struggled thru another bad night of sleep for Drewbie and us. Put him in loose clothing without socks for sleep. Seem to help a little.

RashThis picture was taken on the evening of the third night of the rash. You can just see a little on the side of him. This evening he slept well and the next day, we didn't see anything left of the rash. Thinking back, I think he had an alergic reaction to Motrin. Weather Boy's dad had some allergic reactions when he was in elementry school that were guessed to be an allergic reaction to aspiring (he's no longer, or perhaps never was, allergic to aspirin) and in the late '90s, I had an allergic reaction to Aleve and Excedrin, so it's in his blood. Who knows what the allergic reation was realted to. But you can bet your last dollar that I won't be giving him Motrin anytime soon! The following are some other pictures taken the same night as the one above.

Raise 'em up or I'll shoot with this bug catching vacuum!

How cute am I?

Everyone had colds off and on in January and February, Weather Boy had it the worst. Weather Boy woke up one night around midnight coughing. He sounded like a barking seal. This seem to scare him (and it definitely scared me, too). The cough started out of the blue. He was perfectly fine when he went to sleep and boom! Weather Boy was acting up when he went to bed that night crying. Weather Boy's dad was trying to convince me that his coughing was due to his crying, but I knew better. As soon as I heard the cough, I was reminded of stories Grandma L had told me about having to sit outside or in the bathroom with the shower running with one or more of her children to help with the croopy cough.

We consulted with Grandma L and she agreed with me. We watched Weather Boy in the morning, and he seemed fine, except for the cough. He went to school and when I picked him up, mentioned the cough to his teacher. She said everyone in the class had it, and that the other teacher stayed home because she had it bad. I felt a little better when I heard this. Weather Boy stayed home the next day (Thursday) with Drewbie and Weather Boy's dad. At night, we put the humidifier in his room and put Vicks on his chest.

On Friday, Weather Boy was still coughing and was really dragging. On the way to school, he was not himself. He was staring blankly out the window, and I decided he shouldn't go to school. Luckily, Grandma and Papa M could watch him after 10:30, so Weather Boy went to work with me. He slept for a while on the floor of my office, and then got a little energy to play in my office. Grandma and Papa M picked him up and took him to our house. He had a long nap - more than three hours - and seemed a lot better over the weekend. We took it easy, and by Monday, was pretty back to full strength, but was still coughing and had a runny nose. Now, the boys occasionally have a runny nose, but nothing major.

PlummerDrewbie seems to loose his pants and diaper quite frequently to create the classic plummer photos.

Donut timeLast photo. Nice one of Drewbie enjoying a donut.

I will work on posting more photos. Might be a while before I post again (4 posts in one day ain't too shabby), so enjoy!


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