Tooth time

DrewbieLittle Drewbie has fallen many times on his lips and teeth, but the latest has had a bad effect. Drewbie fell at school on the bike path and came home with a huge fat lip. It was so big, it was painful to look at. He recovered, but two weeks later, his front tooth started to grey.

We took him to the dentist last week, and he thought the tooth was dying. Since it's not bothering him, the dentist said we should leave it in. When it starts bothering him, he'll pull it and either he'll go without or he'll get a retainer with a fake tooth. The dentist left a remote possibility that the tooth was just bruised. It takes longer for the little repair cells to make its way into the tooth to fix the bruise. I'm holding out a little hope for this, but realistically, I think it's dead.

I'll keep you updated on what happens. Happy Sunday!


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