Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Friday is my favorite day

Monday's kinda boring
Tuesday's only fair
Wednesday's getting better
Thursday's almost there

Friday is my favorite day!

This is a song the boys sing at school, and we have fun with at home by putting in new words.

Well, Fridays are going to get extra special starting on March 2nd, because it will be the first Friday I will have off as part of my new part time schedule! YEAH! Finally! I will have every Friday off now. They will cut my salary accordingly and on the flip side, I will not be working more than 32 hours a week. Good news, huh?

I'm very happy, don't get me wrong. I do have a couple concerns career wise and feel, just a little, like I'm giving up. I'm also a little nervous that I might be the first fired if we go through layoffs (part of the cycle of biotechs). But, I try to calm myself by saying that I can find a new job and the other feelings are dissipating. I'm sure they'll all be gone once the day off kicks in.

Happy Friday to you!


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