Catch up

Going in to get the disc hacked up early next Tuesday. It's an outpatient surgery that takes an hour. Have to be there at 5:00 am and done by 10:00 am. Yuck! Not looking forward to it. Decided against more shots because after I saw the MRI, I had a gut feeling they wouldn't work. My disc looks link a finger or tail sticking out of my back. Plus I have 6 more weeks of leave before my job no longer has to hold my position. If the shots didn't work, I would only have 4 weeks left for surgery and recovery, which probably wouldn't be enough time.

They are doing a Discectomy and another word I can't read, which means they are going to take out some bone fragments. Sounds great, huh? Anywho...

I'm addicated to a show that's coming back for a new season called Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. The show is a reality series that tells the tale of crab fishermen on the Bearing Sea off of Alaska; their struggles to find crab and to battle to the sea, weather and all the horrors of the world. Check it out: it's on Tuesday evenings.

Dyed and ate eggs this weekend. Had a nice hang out kinda time. Made green pancakes inspired by Out of the Box's red pancakes. The boys loved them.

I'll try to post some Disney pix shortly. The trip was the day I knew something major was wrong with my back, so I didn't ride many rides, but we had fun.


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