Mega catch-up

Long time, no post. Lots to catch up on, so let's get to it.

First, here are some pictures of wildlife in our backyard. Hawks, hummingbirds and owls. The owl was there for a few hours just sleeping. Never seen one in the wild before. I hear him cry out about an hour after sundown and have seen his outline in the nights sky, so this was awesome.

The airshow was in our backyard again. The Air Force's Thunderbirds were here instead of the Blue Angels. Didn't matter who was in the sky, the show was the same. Weather Boy's dad took the below picture from base on Friday.

He took the below pictures from our street. He missed one that flew up behind him, right up our driveway, and it was L-O-W. That's our neighbor's house in the second picture.

The hawk below showed up during the show on our chimney.

Weather Boy had his first flag assembly and the kindergarteners sang America the Beautiful with hand signals. I think this is the purple mountains majesty.

Weather Boy's dad put up the crashing witch again. Makes me smile.

This is a picture from a garden at Sea World that I wish I had in the back yard. The cactus looks like coral. Pretty cool.

We had some fun trips to Disneyland this month. The suit Drewbie is wearing was made by his Aunt H.

I'll post some info regarding the fires. We are fine. More to come later.

Happy Saturday!


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