Happy Weekend!

Some catch up business from previous post: Our house was fine during the fires here in SoCal, but they evacuated us anyway as a precaution. We were out of our house for 24 hours at Weather Boy's dad's brother's house (whew, lots of possessives there!) by the ocean, along with another 250,000 residents. There was a lot of smoke for more than a week after the inital day of fire.

They boys's schools were closed all week because so many factors were up in the air and we were bouncing off the walls here at home trying to entertain them. We are NEVER inside for very long as we like playing outside, so it was kinda tough. However, not as tough as our dear Larry Himmel had it. This is a heart breaking video, but even more so because he is such a likeable guy (at least that's what I get from his TV appearances).

On to lighter things: We had a Power Ranger Halloween. Everyone was fired up to collect candy and we got a lot!

Due to the fires, the annual Halloween festival was late, but still fun. They give away consolation prizes when you don't win at the various games, and Drewbie was engrossed with this toy ring.

We stopped by to visit Shamu, and I had to video my favorite part of the show. I laugh every time I watch Shamu drench people!

We went for a walk as a family in a local park. Within 10 minutes of being there, Weather Boy was looking up at the falling leaves and managed to fall into some cactus. He got spikes in both knees and one hand. Weather Boy's dad picked them all out. There was some minor swelling but after a slupee, he was willing to go back to the same park and walk. It managed to rain on us, but it was nice anyway.

Finally, we enjoyed rain here yesterday, and the boys had fun in it after school.

We are just about done putting up Christmas decorations, and it's only December 1st! I wish I was done with Christmas shopping! Still working on doing most online. Good luck to us all!

We are off tomorrow to the happiest place on earth. Have a great Sunday!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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