Picture with Santa 2008

We went to get pictures with Santa last weekend. The line was a little long, but we passed the time by playing with a ball and throwing it around. There were two toddlers in front of us, who, when presented with Santa, began to scream, which was Drewbie two years ago. I was a little nervous that Drewbie would hear/see them, and not go through with the Santa picture this year.

Both boys told Santa what they wanted for Christmas (Weather Boy: Indiana Jones Lego set, Drewbie: a remote controlled dinosaur). Weather Boy was happy to sit on Santa's lap, while Drewbie was a little hesitant. I told Drewbie he could stand next to Santa if he didn't want to sit on his lap. Santa was prepared for this and had a little chair for Drewbie to sit on, and it actually kinda looks like he is sitting on Santa's lap. Afterwards, the boys were happy to eat a canday cane, and I was happy to get this picture.

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I hope your Christmas season is going well!


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