Silver Corvette

Drewbie and I were picking up Weather Boy after work and saw this silver corvette across the street. I asked him if he wanted a picture with it, and he said yes. I grabbed the camera I keep in my purse all the time and it was out of batteries.

We were close to home, so we jetted home and back with a different camera, and as we pulled up, the mother and daughter were getting in the car, ready to leave. As the mother was closing her door I asked if Drewbie could get his picture taken next to the car, and she said yes, laughing a little at the crazy mother asking her the question.

He hustled over and posed, and I snapped some pictures, which aren't the best quality, but they'll do. So, he has a picture with a Red Corvette and now a silver one. We'll keep trying to get pictures with every color and post here.

Happy Thursday!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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