Weather Boy at the Dentist

You better brush!! Weather Boy went to the dentist this morning after complaining that he didn't want to go (gotta love 3 year olds!). We reminded him of the Treasure Chest full of toys, and he perked up a bit. After dropping Drewbie off with Grandma and Papa M, we showed up early hoping to get in early. What was I thinking? When do you think an 8:30 appointment should start? Evidently at 8:40. Grrrr. We were on a tight schedule with Weather Boy's dad's appointments and getting Weather Boy to the Trik-a-Thon.

Headache, anyone?!Anyway, we were able to enjoy some of the amenities in the dentist's waiting room like the video games and blocks. Weather Boy was a champ, and this dentist is awesome! We passed on the X-RAYS this time due to the time crunch. Weather Boy just laid on the little table while the hygentist counted (cleaned) his teeth. This was a totally different experience than last year. No crying or scared moments this time. He picked out two Treasure Chest items from the hygentist - a whistle/bell combo pink necklace (I have a feeling we are going to regret that choice) and a little snake (just want Papa M loves!). He also picked out a tooth brush, and we were given a tooth brush for Drewbie.

Dr. Bukk wanna-beThe hygentist told us that the huge spaces in his teeth are good because there will be plenty of room for his permanent teeth when they come in. She continued that kids with perfectly straight teeth now will have confused ones later cause there won't be enough room for them all. Whew! And I had thought we were behind the eight ball and could sell his tooth layout to Dr. Bukk's!

We were off to the next room to see the dentist. He did a little scrapping and looking. Nothing major. Before we knew it, Heath was off to pick out another toy from another Treasure Chest, and Dad whisked him away to the Trik-a-thon. We'll go again in three months for a cleaning.

I'll post the results, Friday's forecasts, and March Madness picks tonight. Maybe I'll throw in a review of the Trik-a-thon if I'm up to it. Adios for now!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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