Alligator Lizard

Too nice to be my desk! As I was sitting at my desk on the afternoon of March 28th eagerly anticipating the U2 concert here in Sandy Eggo, my office neighbor burst into my office saying that my fellow team member had a lizard in her office. Instantly, I thought of the opportunity to take the lizard home to Weather Boy, and ran down the hall. I had removed other creatures, including a salamander, from the premises, so my office neighbor knew I could help.

My team member said she saw what she thought was a big strand of hair on the floor under her desk. She bent over to pick it up, and it moved. Less than an eye blink later, the strand turned into a big lizard and ran across her foot. Being that I was horrified once long ago when a pigeon walked across my foot while eating lunch downtown, I sympathized with her. She pointed to the filing cabinet that supports her desk, and left her office.

Protection Barrier I forgot who and where I was, and laid down on the carpet to peer under the filing cabinet. I saw the shadow of what I thought was an alligator lizard staring back at me, and squealed with glee. Now, to get the bugger out. My office neighbor volunteered to help. I quickly surveyed the available resources: a recycle can, a box, and two able bodies. I ran to the lab to get two lab gloves because I remembered from my childhood that this buggers bite, and ran back to see that the lizard hadn’t moved.

My office neighbor pushed a piece of the cardboard box under the cabinet, and the lizard was scared into the direction where I had the recycle can. The lizard dodged the can and went underneath it instead. I quickly moved the can and put my gloved hands on each side of the lizard. He didn’t move, and I knew he was weak, because these beasts don’t allow you to get so close. In a quick motion, I grabbed him and threw him in the recycle can, and he hid amongst the papers, which I quickly removed. HA! I got him!

Even before I was able to get the gloves off, all sorts of “animal lovers” began chiming in on what the lizards needs were. “He needs water,” they said. I gave in and put a trimmed down cup of water in there, knowing full well that this guy wasn’t going to drink. These dog lovers seem to think all animals are cared for in the same way. One of the members of the peanut gallery said that she had seen a lizard in the lab last week and felt that this was the same one, and he was probably really hungry. Yeah, because there is only one lizard like this in Sandy Eggo. I put an empty cup in the can so the guy could hide and get out of the lime light since he seemed to glare at all of us as we stared at him.

Alligator Lizard I quickly surfed the net for California Alligator Lizards and found some pictures that looked exactly like my recycle bin friend. Next, I called the expert of all things lizard: Weather Boy’s dad.

Mealworm After explaining the situation, he suggested that the lizard would gobble up some Mealworms and he confirmed my recollection regarding the temperament of these types. I raced off to the pet store to get some and managed to get some extremely small crickets also (for dessert). I removed the cup from the can and added a tent made of part of a file folder for him to hide under. He ran under the tent and then I threw in some worms and a few crickets. My office neighbor was waiting for him to eat the worms, but nothing happened, so she left.

As I was trying to get back to work, I heard a strange crunching sound coming from the can. I turned my head since the can was pretty close to me, and saw the lizard with a worm hanging out of his mouth. He kept grabbing worms and chopping on them for the next hour. He ate more than 6 of them! The crickets disappeared also. As the time came for me to leave for the day, I took the water out, grabbed the can, and headed out.

The lizard spent the day with us and managed to regain his strength and his evil side. He began to hiss and glare at me each time I would walk by him. He ended up escaping from the can and finding his way. Adios!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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