On Saturday March 26th, we went to an Easter egg hunt in the community next to ours. Weather Boy had fun collecting eggs and was much better at it this year than last. We also enjoyed a pancake breakfast. They had booths with activities but we ended up skipping just about everything.

Hershey Kiss We enjoyed a nice spring day for Easter. As soon as Weather Boy woke up, I reminded him it was Easter. He opened the blinds in our bedroom to see if he saw any eggs in the back yard. The Easter Bunny didn’t leave any yet, but we were able to distract him later, and the Easter Bunny hopped right out there to deliver plastic eggs filed with Hershey Kisses.

Eggs! Weather Boy hunted for eggs after going through his basket, which was a plush Tonka Fire Truck. He also received a small Tonka motorcycle, a stuff frog with bunny slippers that plays a little electronic melody, a plastic iguana, a blue turtle ball, a ring pop that lights up, a small plastic car with big wheels, a Reese bunny, a Thomas the Tank Engine book for his Leap Pad, and a new party shirt.

In the past when we have gone to birthday parties or family gatherings, we have Weather Boy wear a Hawaiian inspired, button and collar shirt that we have named The Party Shirt. He looks very cute in it, but, the party shirt has seen better days. It’s getting a little small and stained, so the Easter Bunny brought Weather Boy a new shirt. Weather Boy has been enjoying going shirtless for no apparent reason. He seems to especially going shirtless after school when we play outside. Silly boy!

Anyway, Weather Boy didn’t want to put on the party shirt while we were getting dressed for Tia’s, so we let him go shirtless during the car ride. When we got there, I told him we had to put on his new Party Shirt. He wondered out loud why he had to put on his Party Shirt since there wasn’t going to be any dancing at Tia’s. Boy, did I laugh (in my head)! I told him that even though there wasn’t any dancing, it was still going to be a party. That answer seemed to satisfy him, and we proceeded to put on his shirt.

Julio’s is the best! We enjoyed seeing everyone, eating great food, and playing. It’s always kind of an random group on Easter, but it never dampens the fun. Cousin Jim said that Drewbie is the happiest child he has ever seen. I couldn’t agree more. But then Cousin Jim said he thought Tony’s Jacal was the best Mexican food, and he couldn’t be more wrong!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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