Turtle Encounter

Turtle Attack! Weather Boy, Drewbie, and I went to the zoo this past weekend with Grandma and Papa M. We did our normal routes including the turtle, lizard, frog, etc. areas. We stopped by the turtle enclosure right outside the Reptile House.

Weather Boy wanted me to lift him up so he could see in the enclosure. I started tickling him as I lifted him up, and he couldn’t stop laughing. Jokingly, I asked him what was wrong as I continued tickling him. We looked a little at the turtles and then I started to help him down. His foot was stuck in the wires that make up the upper fence, and I continued putting him on the ground. His foot popped out of the wires, as planned, but his shoe didn’t. It fell into the enclosure, a few feet away from a small turtle! Realizing I couldn’t reach and grab it, I darted off to get some help as Grandma held Weather Boy.

I found no one and came back. Papa found some workers outside the First Aid area and they called for help. I went back to the area where I thought I had recently seen a worker, and found a kind zookeeper who followed me to the enclosure. She had a good chuckle and unlocked the turtle enclosures’ door. While I was looking for help, the turtle that was close to the shoe made his way over to the shoe and walked over it when he realized it wasn’t food. The zookeeper grabbed the shoe, we put it on Weather Boy’s foot, and we were out of there. I was a little embarrassed, but chalked it up and laughed

Weather Boy told his dad the story later when we got home, and I was out of the room. Weather Boy’s dad looked a little confused when he told me what Weather Boy said. But, he soon realized that it was just another day in the life of our traveling circus!


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