Parent Teacher Conference & Chuck E. Cheese Night

Chuck E. Cheese – The rat that serves you pizza On Wednesday, we went to Emily from preschool’s Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. I was a little hesitant given that the last time we went, Weather Boy cried. But Weather Boy’s dad said this time would be different since his preschool friends, including Michael, would be there.

Now, put out your hand Earlier in the day, we met with Weather Boy’s preschool for the season’s parent-teacher conference. As expected, they had nothing but good things to say about Weather Boy.

Some highlights:

  • Weather Boy likes to paint with others. Most of his recent paintings were done in collaboration with another student.
  • Weather Boy likes hanging with the older kids. Sometimes they call him a baby for still wearing diapers, but he says he’s a big boy that wears diapers. His teachers think that when Weather Boy’s ready, he will start going on the toilet. We are going to get some stuff to make the toilet water blue, since blue is Weather Boy’s favorite color. He said he would try going on the toilet if we did. We’ll see…
  • Weather Boy eats everything off his plate at lunch and all snacks. He even goes back for seconds at lunch. No wonder he doesn’t eat at home!
  • Weather Boy is starting to act like he doesn’t like naps at school. He’s resisting them a little more. However, at home, he can sleep up to 4 hours during his naps (most of the time around 1 ½ to 2 hours).
  • Weather Boy will be there for another 2 years since the cut-off for kindergarteners’ birthdays is December 2nd. Good news: there will be a point when we only have to drive one place to drop off Weather Boy and Drewbie. Bad news: cost. All three of his friends (Michael, Riley, & Elise) are going to kindergarten next year, but that means Weather Boy will be one of the oldest and can help the newbies.

Anyway, back to Chuck E. Cheese. I picked Weather Boy up and we went to the location by the Sports Aroma. Weather Boy looked out his window and saw the picture of Chuck E. on the building. When we were walking to the door to the place, he started fake-crying because he said he did “like the guy” (Chuck E. Cheese). I told him his friends were going to be there, and he still cried. We got inside, and he sat by me for a long time, even after realizing Michael was there. Emily’s mom gave us some tokens to play games, and we lead Weather Boy to the game area.

Scoop Weather Boy saw Michael and his other buddies riding the little horse carousel and he jumped on and forgot he was scared. Next he played air hockey, again with Michael, and they had fun goofing around. We had to drag him back to his seat for pizza, cake and ice cream because he was having too much fun. Before we ate, he rode Scoop, the tractor from Bob the Builder . I’ll try to post pictures later.

Chuck E. Cheese came out to sing happy birthday, and Weather Boy wasn’t scared. He didn’t want to go up and dance with him, however. Weather Boy enjoyed playing in front of the “TV camera” that lets you be on TV with Chuck E. Cheese. He and his friends worked out all the sugar they ate.

With all the tickets Weather Boy won from the various games he played, he got a little wind-up flying top that is now his favorite toy. It was a nice evening – the only consequence was Weather Boy was grouchy the next morning from being tired. The next day, Weather Boy declared that he was no longer afraid of The Guy because Michael was there. Thank you, Michael!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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