Coughing and Spanking

Cough! Cough!After three weeks of coughing, I started wheezing this morning. I called urgent care and being that they only had a 30 minute wait, I ducked out of work and went to see what's going on.

Acute Bronchitis was the diagnosis. The doctor asked if I wanted a chest X-RAY to rule out pneumonia . We decided, given my general good health, we'd see if the antibiotics work first. Since I just started wheezing today, he thought I should get better pretty quick after taking the antibiotics. Since Weather Boy has been coughing for about 3 weeks also, we're going to take him to after hour pediatrics tonight.

I wish there was a fallout shelter for this kind!Weather Boy had a meltdown last night where he hit me three times and in the ensuing fallout (also known as the after math), he started coughing pretty severely. That was before he was spanked.

Yes, Weather Boy was spanked for the first time last night. OK, I confess. When I was helping my grandmother with a shower once and Drewbie was crying hysterically and Weather Boy was not listening to me and crawling around on the nursing home floor, I gave him a swat through his clothes. It was more out of my fustration with the situation. I barely spanked him and he laughed at me. I choked back the tears and continued helping grandma. Once we got out of the extremely hot room, everything went back to normal.

Anyway, Weather Boy's dad spanked him on his bare butt with his hand. Weather Boy's dad hugged him immediately afterwards and told him that we loved him. He cried some more but then he calmed down and went to sleep. I'm not sure if it was effective, but we had reached a point where nothing else was working. Yeah, sure he's three. Maybe it's just a phase where he is testing us. Anyway, we can only go up from here, right? RIGHT?!

I'm looking foward to the long weekend and getting away for a day with just Weather Boy's dad to go over night to the desert. Sounds kinda mean when I type it here, but I just need a break.

I'm gonna start putting the fallout image up the day after Weather Boy's nuclear meltdowns and fallouts so I can see how often it happens from now on. Weather Boy's dad is with both kiddos today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly today.

Happy Thursday!


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