Drewbie's birthday

DrewbieDrewbie celebrates his first birthday on Saturday. Boy, has the year gone by quickly!

I'm happy and sad in some ways. I'm happy that there are new and exciting things to come for Drewbie, but sad that this first year is gone and we're never going to get it back. I'm happy that I can enjoy uninterupted sleep, but sad that I won't be able to hold him all the time for much longer.

We are looking foward to celebrating with the M side of the family. The L's are celebrating Maddie's first communion on the same day, but we'll see them the next day for Mother's Day. Uncle Scott's birthday is on the same day as Drewbie's, but I think we are celebrating his birthday on the 14th.

I'll post some pictures of the cake smashing after the party. Drewbie's picture is also posted on NBC 7/39's First Birthday Page. He's currently on the first page, but might get bumped down as other kiddo's pictures are posted. Enjoy!


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