Goofy quiz results

It's Monday, and I took this goofy quiz that I found on Jason Casper's (he's a scrapbooker, too) blog

Your True Birth Month Is January




Easily jealous

Loves children

Rather reserved

Highly attentive

Likes to criticize

Needs close friends

Ambitious and serious

Smart, neat and organized

Hardworking and productive

Loves to teach and be taught

Quiet unless excited or tensed

Sensitive and has deep thoughts

Knows how to make others happy

Searches for the greatest romance

Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds

Romantic but has difficulties expressing love

Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses


Scrappindad said...

Thanks for linking to my blog and reading too! I love finding new blogs to check out. I love your flickr photo gallery on your sidebar. I'm signing up for an account tomorrow - sounds way cool!

Thanks again,


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