Saturday, June 11, 2005

Noodles, anyone? Here's a picture from last weekend. Enjoying Luigi's pasta sauce courtesy of Grandma L.

Today went very well. Everyone had their A game going. Didn't get Weather Boy's hair cut because there was too long of a wait. Will try to go during the week.

Went to Target and got birthday present. Raced home for a snack for the boys and jumped into the 'burban. Picked up Grandma L and raced to the Sports Aroma for Seseme Street Live. Both kiddos were mezmerized. Drewbie couldn't get enough of everything. First act, Drewbie sat on my lap and watched it all. During the second act, Drewbie stood in front of me, held onto the seat back, and shook his groove thang. Weather Boy is a watcher and soaks it all in. Some kids danced; Weather Boy quitely absorbed it all. Weather Boy announced at the end that he wasn't scared (remember Monsters Inc on Ice drama), and didn't cry. I was thankful. Very good time. Weather Boy's dad had camera. Going to have to rely on Grandma L for pictures. Hopefully, soon.

Raced home. Had less than an hour to get the guys fed and me changed. Everything had to go like clockwork, or it wasn't going to happen. Guys ate well without complaints. Gave Weather Boy choice of going to sleep first or Drewbie going first. He said Drewbie. Changed Drewbie out of soiled clothing. Next thing ya know, Weather Boy came upstairs. Got him ready for bed and he laid down without complaints. Told him I'd be back.

Momma the Milk Truck Started giving a bottle to Drewbie before his afternoon nap for the first time. Weather Boy dad has in recent weeks was around to give nap bottles since Momma the Milk Truck doesn't stop there anymore. Didn't have time to hold bottle. Laid Drewbie in crib with bottle.

Ran out and changed clothes, got ready. Ran in to tuck Heath in. Closed door. No complaints. Ran to see Drewbie still drinking happily without noise. Finished getting ready. Walked into Drewbie's room just as he was on all fours, holding his bottle, looking at me with the face of "Why is this thing empty?" Took bottle and laid blanket on him. Cuddled in and closed eyes. Closed door.

Grandma and Papa M showed up and gave them the run down. Grandma and Papa L stopped by to pick me up for the Celebration of Life. Got more teary eyed that expected. Back home just after guys got up. Played in driveway. Couldn't find Weather Boy's eye patch.

Side story: Weather Boy has Amblyopia and/or Strabismus, and is the reason why he wears glasses. Need to patch his right eye 2 hours a day so it strengthens his left eye.

Back to story: Couldn't find eye patch. Had to improvise. Cut toe out of Drewbie's 12-24 month no-skid socks that couldn't find match for. Slid over glasses and fastened with twist tie. Looked semi-OK. Weather Boy didn't skip a beat.

Weather Boy's shorts kept falling off. Cheapy shorts weren't meant to be worn so long. Size 12 - 18 months worn by a 3 1/2 year old. Elastic finally shot. Vowed to get new shorts. Will need to get them altered.

PaneraWeather Boy's dad home. Grandma and Papa M adios. Family went to Panera. Everyone was still on best behavior. The stars were aligned tonight. Bought five pairs of shorts at Old Navy for Weather Boy. Size 12 - 18 months and still slipped off. Better that we have a really skinny, small guy than the opposite. Will take them in to get altered on Monday. Got some 4th of July wear. Coldstone. Drewbie likes ice cream a little too much. Ate plums/apples/strawberries in car. Home. PJs. Bed.

35 minute work out. Got some good sweat. Watch some tv (parts of Collaterial and Thomas Crown Affair) when I should have been scrappin'. This last week - Mapped out recipe swap page, ordered needed supplies. Found layout for All About Me swap. Good thoughts going for free-for-all tag swap. Need to start gather pictures for album. Success is in sight.

Tommorrow - choo-choo store? Need to get new shoes for Weather Boy. Pretty open.

Off to watch end of local news. Catch beginning of Saturday Night Live.

Will update tomorrow. Like quick and dirty blog without complete sentences. Easy to get thoughts out. Proof: This is the longest blog entry. :-)


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