Aye ya yai! (Said in my best Grandma Lupe Voice)

Just when I think I can keep up with this thing, a week goes by with nada posted!

Hippo Visted the zoo on Saturday, June 4th. Spent a little more time than usual just looking around. We hung out by the hippos and the bronze statue. Weather Boy and Drewbie enjoyed crawling all over it. Adverted all injuries (yeah!). I think we have some pictures of them, but I haven't seen them yet.

Stopped for burritos at Las Quatros Milpas in Barrio Logan (under the Coronado Bridge). LOVE the chicken burritos! I could eat them everyday. Everyday. I'm serious!

Watched the Padres lose to the Cubbies. Went with Weather Boy's dad and Howard K. Enjoyed talking with Howard (and, of course, Weather Boy's dad!). Anyone out there know a nice Jewish girl, 30 - 40s, who has dreams of having children in their heads, I would like to be a yenta and introduce you to Howard. He has a rich history and very thoughtful. Please email me! This guy is too nice to be single!

Went to Auntie K's wedding shower on Sunday. Only 49 more days!!! Need to get Weather Boy mesured for a tux (he's the ring bearer with favorite cousin, Edie, as the flower girl). Tux shop doesn't make formal wear in the size for Drewbie. Need to figure out what he's going to wear. hmmmm.

ElmoGoing to go see Elmo's Coloring Book this weekend. Weather Boy's dad has to work this weekend, so Grandma L is going to take his place. Should be fun. Been trying to warm Weather Boy up to the show and characters so we don't have another Monsters Inc. on Ice breakdown again. This time we are further from the stage (part of the problem last time), and who can be afraid of Elmo?!

Hopefully, we'll get Weather Boy a haircut in the morning, but maybe not depending on Drewbie's nap time. He's starting to look like the Shaggy D.A.! We are getting to to a point where we don't have to put sunscreen on his forhead 'cause his hair completely and thickly (is that a word?) covers it!

Our neighbor's Celebration of Life ceremony is right after seeing Elmo. Kiddos will sleep under Grandma and Papa M's direction while we attend. I still can't believe she's gone. Bummer.

Sunday: Need to get a birthday present, father's day present, may want to visit scrap store, Target. Need to start thinking about gathering items for our houseboating trip to Lake Trinity. 10 hours in the car with two toddlers sounds like a vacation right?! That's 10 hours ONE WAY! Need to build up a big Bag of Tricks (aka Bribe Bag) for this ride and beg Auntie H & Uncle S to see if we can borrow their TV or get one in the 'burban.

Enough rambling. On with the weekend!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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