Weekend wrap up - June 25 & 26

Another great weekend in the bag. Weather Boy's dad came home from the desert after being gone for two days on Friday night. We met Grant, Molly, and little C-Man for dinner. Nice catching up and change to the normal routine.

Lions Saturday went to the Wild Animal Park and saw the new Lion exhibit. Pretty cool! The lions came right up to the glass and looked closely at the boys as if they were taking a look at their lunch appitizers! Both boys had good naps so I worked on some scrapping items - swaps for the convention I'm attending.

Went to the club's pool as guests of the Shad's and with our other friends, J, A, & Braydon, after naps. Weather Boy had fun playing in the kiddie pool (big pool closed due to "contamination"). It was very obvious to me that Weather Boy has a lot of catching up to do regarding his comfort in the pool. Braydon, who is 6 months younger that Weather Boy, was a fish - swimming under water, jumping around.

Unexpectedly, had BBQ at Shad's. I looked away from Drewbie while everyone was playing in the back yard to see Drewbie hit his chin on the concrete. He recovered pretty fast considering how loud it was! He had a scrape on his chin now.

Got home, bathed the guys and got them into bed about a half hour later than normal. Evening was filed with scrapping fun.

On Sunday we walked/biked around the local lake in the morning. Weather Boy rode his trike and was eyeing the two wheeled bikes that were going by. We told him we would buy him a Spider Man one if he started going on the potty. He still has no interest in the toilet. I honestly think he thinks he is going to fall in the toilet and that's why he won't go. Gotta get this guy going. I have a feeling Drewbie might learn before Weather Boy.

The boys bumped heads on the little slide at our house. Both were crying and had bumps above their eye brows. Poor Drewbie looks like a figher!

Chart HouseWent to brunch with my parents, brother, and favorite uncle to the Chart House and had the best window spot. Weather Boy and Drewbie stayed with Grandma and Papa L. Great food and conversation. I forget what it was like without children when we could lounge for hours and kick back. Beautiful weather. Great day. Huge red tide happening right now. I have never seen it this bad and smell this bad. Gross!

Home and played with the boys. I'm always entertained to hear the "rules" Weather Boy comes up with when we play catch, kick, etc. He is a nut! This weekend, he asked me what it sounds like when I talk to myself. I then just kinda rambled for him to hear, which he seemed interested in.

Laugh of the week was I ask Weather Boy if he wants to take one of the bannans the school provides for a snack on the ride home. I ask him every day and most days he answers no. Recently, when I asked him, he told me, "Stop asking me every day! I don't want one!" OK, well that ends that!

Went to sleep at 9:30 to catch up on some sleep. Felt pretty good, especially in clean sheets. Love, love, love clean sheets! Happy Monday!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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