New Boss

Too much work, too little timeMy new boss surprisingly started on the 13th. I have barely seen him or talked with him. He's been in a lot of meetings and out due to family commitments. He's out this week on vacation. Seems like it will all work out.

He did do one of my pet peeves. During a meeting, we were in his office, and his cell phone rang. From the conversation I could hear, I could tell it was his wife. He proceeded to tell his wife his waist size (40 - 44 depending on the style). I just looked down, trying not to make eye contact with him for fear of an uncomfortable moment. He hung up saying that his wife was a Costco and it was very important. I agreed (sarcastically in my mind) that it was VERY important. He has continued to answer the phone while we meet. I guess if this is the worst he does, I'll be happy.

I'm just moving along with my normal stuff. I think after his vacation, the 4th of July holiday, and my vacation, I'll get to know his style better. I get a feeling that he really lives up the the "Chief" in his title, meaning I'll be doing the work. Oh well. I am trying to live by Einstein's three rules of work right now, especially the third one.

Three rules to work by


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