July 4th Weekend - first half

Perfect weekend. Four days home with the boys. Friday we had dinner at Islands with Grandma L. Boys were good and so was the food. Saturday the boys and I headed to the San Diego County Fair. Weather Boy's dad had to work.

We left later than I wanted to and got caught up in some traffic, which wasn't pleasant. I had to go through a metal detector to get in while the boys stayed in the stroller. Little strange but went pretty quick.

I grabbed two of the "If I'm lost" tags and put them on the boys. I was a little nervous about keeping the guys close by and trying to wrangle them by myself. We saw two sheriffs as we went in and we stopped to talk to them. I told Weather Boy that if we get separated to look for one of these guys and they would find me. Weather Boy was really shy, but seemed to listen. I had him in the double stroller or holding onto it almost the entire time.

First Ride

We looked at a few animals then headed to the track's infield to check out the kiddie rides. Weather Boy was instantly excited and wanting to ride everything, which surprised me a little. I bought $20 worth of tickets, not even thinking we would use them all, but we did. He first chose to ride on one of those swing rides and he had a ball. Next, we jumped on the carousel and Drewbie and I went on it too, but just sat in one of the seats instead of a horse.

Weather Boy caught a glimpse of the kiddie roller coaster and instantly wanted to get on. I was a little concerned that he would be scared. I explained to him that he would have to go by himself and that the ride would be fast. He stepped right up and jumped on. His little head barely could see above the car. He wasn't scared one bit, but Drewbie didn't like being close to it cause it appears he thought it was too loud.

Weather Boy played two games. In the first one, he had to catch a fish with a net. He did and received a little green bear, and has been inseparable from it since.

Race Car RideWeather Boy was fired up after the ride and we continued on our adventure. Once of the cooler rides, I thought, was the little race cars. They went around an oval and at the turns would speed up. Weather Boy loved it! He insisted on riding the yellow car. He got really good at giving the ticket takers his ticket and getting onto the rides by himself. He's growing up so quickly!

Tea CupsI can honestly say that the words "tea cups" are not words spoken very often, if at all, in the Weather Boy house. However, when he saw the mini tea cup ride, he said, "I want to go on the tea cups." Again, I was concerned that he wouldn't like it. He jumped right on and started turning the cup pretty fast.

Boat rideWe kept going from one ride to the next, and before we knew it, we were out of tickets. We bought $7 more and finished up with a train ride and more excitingly, a boat he could drive. Again, more unnecessary concern from me, but he just hopped right on and went for it. He didn't really have the concept of how to control the boat, so he ended up going in circles, but he had fun.

Drewbie at the fair with dragon in the bag behind him Weather Boy wanted to play another game. I really didn't want him to play the game, but he really wanted to. It's the one where you throw a ping pong ball into bowls floating on water. Everyone got a prize, so I let him. He didn't get any in, but he received a tiger stripped dragon which Drewbie claimed, and Weather Boy let him.

We ended by getting the guys photographed and fingerprinted and by buying a Spider Man balloon. The guys couldn't have been better on our fair adventure. Drewbie and I would walk around by the rides that Weather Boy was on and play or eat. Drewbie was very good and enjoyed taking in the sites of all the kids and colors. They both slept 3 hours so it was a nice rest time for Mom.

We spent some time in the jumpy the O's had for the 4th. We headed down for some good Mexican food at Julio's and then called it a night. Great summer fun day.

Sunday we hung out around the house and went swimming in the kiddie pool. They guys had so much fun splashing around and driving boats. Drewbie loves to hold my hands and get in and out of the pool over and over. And over.

During the weekend, Weather Boy has gotten really good at going poopie on the potty. We have told him that he could get a two wheel bike with Spider Man on it if he starts using the potty instead of his diaper. He is very proud of the fact that he is wearing pull-ups. For the 4 days, we didn't have one poopie in his diaper. He got them all in the toilet, which we applauded (finally!). I don't think he has completely realized that you can sit on the potty and just go PP. I think he thinks he needs to go poopie each time. We talked to him about it, but I'm not sure if it sunk in.

Any who, we cleaned up after the pool and headed to Barnes and Noble. We had a cookie and some water, then headed to the Thomas table. Both guys played there a long time. We read a few books then headed home for lunch. Weather Boy didn't nap, but played in his room for an hour and a half. Dad came home early and took Weather Boy for a slurpee and after Drewbie woke up, we headed to the O's pool.

Weather Boy went in the pool with his life vest (aka special jacket) on and was comfortable enough to swim around by himself. Drewbie wasn't too happy, so he and I went home to eat. We came back later, and Drewbie enjoyed the pool more. Had a nice dinner and both guys were pretty tired. Relaxing evening of scrapbooking.

I'll leave you with a picture of Drewbie watching his brother on a ride at the fair.

You'll be old enought soon, little Drewbie

Can the weekend get better? Yes! Part 2 of the weekend coming soon.


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