Whew! What a fun month!

Once again, a neglected blog. Busy month and lots of pictures to share (will post tonight).

4th of July fun. Fun run, parade, all 3 boys napped. Pool and bouncy party at L&N's house. Had 5th of July off, too. Can't remember what the two boys and I did, but I seem to recall it was fun.

Stopped bf Drewbie on the 7th. Didn't phase him a bit. Loves his bottle so no problems. Very happy to be free again. Can actually do errands at lunch. More time in the morning. Less stress. No regrets about going 14 months, but very thankful it's all behind us now.

Week of July 10th - Houseboating vacation with in-laws. Boys had too much fun. Best story: Docked the boat on a beach down what we call the "Sports Illustrated" arm (another story). Shore was unusually shallow for a long way out, and knew it would be a great place for the boys to play.

Polywog Very quickly we also noticed the polywogs liked this beach also. Weather Boy's dad had fun catching them and putting them in a pool of water for Weather Boy to enjoy.

Later in the day, Heath was just playing on the boat and he asked me, "What are those green things called?" Being that I wasn't thinking about polywogs at the moment, I had no idea what he was referring to, but figured it out, and told them they are called polywogs. He said, "Right, polylogs." Very funny. He kept forgetting what they were called and I had to keep reminding him - even after we got home from the lake.

Big week on the lake - Weather Boy decided no more diapers (finally), and Drewbie decided to walk (finally). Ahh, the lake is a magical place! Drew cut 3 (I think) teeth in July so sleep was lacking all month.

Boys stayed up late and had minimal naps, but managed to keep it all together. We enjoyed a BBQ at one of the docks and the guys were up til 10 pm that night without meltdowns. Very fun watching them dance and interact with others.

Glad to get home and back into routine and own bed. Made SIL's photo guestbook for her wedding on July 30. Very, very simple, but everyone raved about it. I think the pictures are what made it so beautiful. Pictures were so cute, they were easy to scrap. Only one week to make so a little stressed, but such is life. Worked every night after kids went to sleep on book. Very happy on day of wedding when I finished.

Weather Boy was the ring bearer in the wedding. Had fun at the rehearsal - beautiful location. Weather Boy did a great job of walking down the isle with Cousin E. Didn't look scared at all. Had practiced with E at Grandma and Papa L's house with music and everything so he was a pro.

Looked like a real superstar in his tux. Did a great job the day of, too. L&N brought the ring bearer pillow to us since we forgot it at home. Drewbie was done, and went home with Papa and Grandma M. We danced like crazy people. Weather Boy was my partner for the night. At about 10:00 pm, I noticed lightening in the distant sky, and walked outside with Weather Boy to show him. After that, he mellowed out and sat reclined on my lap watching the lightening while we sat next to the dance floor. Even with the load music, we went to sleep.

After a while, put him on the floor and he slept effortlessly. Finally at 11:20, I grabbed Weather Boy's dad, and we left. Great party. Warm day, but nice. Very beautiful wedding, reception, day. Couple family squabbles, but what would a family gathering be without one?

Started getting stomach bug on the 31st. Powered thru it. Didn't sleep much during the night, and decided to call in sick to work. Got progressively worse. Stopped eating after lunch on the 1st. Felt OK.

Woke up on the morning on the 2nd very congested with a horrible sore throat. Dragging, but went to work. Too sick to do much. Went to urgent care - diagnosed with pneumonia . Had been coughing for 5 week. Started wheezing bad. Got drugs. Work half day and went home to sleep.

Low grade fever. Had to pack for scrap weekend. Too much money in nonrefundable payments to cancel trip. Just threw stuff in luggage. Note to self: Don't pack again with low grade fever.

Morning of flight (3rd), still couldn't believe that I was going while sick. Thankfully, ears cleared up big time right before take-off. I've lost my fear of flying. Quick layover in Vegas then off to SLC.

Taxi to Provo. Expensive, but worth it. Got settled in room and walked to store for food. Very different world compared to SoCal. The best way to describe it is that it was a throw back to the 50's. Everyone was nice and helpful. Cool place.

Enjoyed kicking back and relaxing without any boys around. Needed to get away because I was starting to snap at them too much. Need to do this at least once a year. Feel recharged about everything - scrapping, life, etc.

Started feeling much better by Saturday. Thursday was a little tough - very congested. Great classes and even better people. Everyone there was so friendly. Didn't need to go with anyone (and I didn't) because everyone was so nice. You could just start talking with anyone in the hotel and more than likely they were at the same conference, and would just start talking to. Made some new friends. Going next year - maybe different location - next year.

Back to work and the swing of things again.

Life is good.


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