Pink it is!

I have gone crazy for pink. It’s been a semi gradual thing. Leave it to me to me a few seasons behind the current fashion trend. :-) Everyone’s now on to orange, and I’m just revving up to pink.

As recent as August, I wasn’t all that into it. I did a scrapbook page while in Provo that the teacher designed to highlight her favorite color (and I guess, she assumed, every other person in her class’ favorite color) pink. I completed the page, and thought, eh, I probably won’t ever use this, but I packed it up and brought it home. Maybe it was a subliminal message and it seems to have worked. Or maybe it's my frequent reading of my favorite celebrity gossip site, Pink is the new blog.

Kate Spade

Any who, A couple months back, I had a bad day at work. Decided to skip out a little early on this particular Friday. Found this purse on the clearance table and stepped out of my normal black or basic purse comfort zone and got this purse. I’d been eyeing my co-workers cute pink purse and decided to take the plunge. Happy I did. Purse makes me smile when I see it.

I’ve been buying up some pink shirts, again over time. I found a cool pink zipper sweatshirt while in Kauai and had to have it. Love it and wear it too much already. It doesn’t hurt any that it is super soft.

I’ve done two more recent purchases. On the weekends and in the evenings, I wear a Swatch watch called “Kissy Fishy” or something like that. When the guys were younger, it was an easy item to give them to look at if I didn’t have anything else. Plus, it was water resistant so could go in the water with me at the beach, pool or bath without worry. Well, we got home from Kauai, and as I was taking the watch off, I noticed a part missing and I couldn’t wear it again without fear of losing the whole watch. I will try to find a replacement part, but also decided it was time for a new weekend watch.

Swatch Pinky Pink Been kinda looking at Swatch’s website for a new one for a while. While on layover in San Francisco, stopped by the Swatch store in the airport. Saw a couple I was considering, and ruled them out since they had fabric bands, but then saw this one. Bought it from and it arrived at my doorstep last week. Love it. Again, it makes me smile.

My new PJs.  By the way, that isn’t me – just in case you were confused! Now, you gotta know I’m coo-coo for pink when you check this out! Found this one via an email from the company and decided to go for it since it was on sale. The last time I bought new PJs was when Weater Boy was born. I wasn’t in the groove yet of feeding Weather Boy and not getting milk all over me for one reason or another, so I bought a few more PJs so I wouldn’t have to wash them every day. Any who, decided, hey, I’m due some new PJs. So I got the PJs and matching slippers. The guys looked at me a little strange for a few moments when they first saw me in them. Very comfortable and soft makes me very happy.

I could have put my head on this lady’s body, but I just don’t have that kind of luxury time! I guess all I need to do now is go work for Mary Kay and get a pink Cadillac! Just kidding.. or am I?! Buhaha!


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