Week of November 7th events

Happy worker The guys have really been into their construction toys this week. Drewbie was even up to wearing the construction hat, as you can see. These pictures were taken after bath time. Weather Boy is wearing his new PJs that Auntie K bought for him. Drewbie is wearing the Monsters Inc. on Ice construction hat (sounds like I’m announcing a fashion show :-)

The camera needs just a little adjustment right… there

I’m building an airplane!

The MotherloadOn the 10th, the guys had a stay-at-home day. Weather Boy’s dad arranged to have the shavings that are going under the outside play set delivered to our house. The truck dumped the shavings in the driveway and Weather Boy’s dad had to wheelbarrow it all to the back yard.

Drewbie wanted to help with the wheelbarrow, and Weather Boy’s dad let him on the first load. Drewbie diligently pushed the wheelbarrow quite well, but it would have taken a lifetime to move the shavings if the progress continued this slow. So, Weather Boy’s dad did only what he knows: He let Drewbie hang from the handles as Weather Boy’s dad pushed the wheelbarrow. Quite hilarious according to Weather Boy’s dad, but no pictures to prove it. Drewbie would hang on the handles even when Weather Boy’s dad stopped because he didn’t want to miss the next ride.

Needless to say, they napped more than 3 hours each that afternoon. Weather Boy’s dad finished moving all the shavings. Now, he just has to finish putting the play set all together, which he’s hoping for this week, and we can enjoy it.

Papa M had back surgery on the 11th. Things seem to go well. Long recovery expected. Keep sending good thoughts and prayers. Great Uncle Paul passed away from lung cancer on the 10th. Thoughts and prayers to Great Grandma Jane and family.

Get your face into it!Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of Weather Boy’s friends from school. Perfectly planned and orchestrated party for preschoolers. Had a play set and jumpie. Boys played for a while. Burgers and hotdogs. More play. Cupcakes. 2 hours. Done. Perfect. Obvious from the picture, Drewbie enjoyed the cupcake. Very cute set up – little banquet table and chairs that the kids sat at. Great backyard.

Woke the guys from their long nap. Babysitter from up the street watched the guys while we went to dinner and cruised the mall. I’m coming down with a slight cold, so it wasn’t as fun as it could have been. Boys were good – Drewbie even went to sleep without a peep. Maybe it had something to do with the light on in his room. Hmmm. Might have to get him an official nightlight instead of the clock radio that lights up the room.

Next day, we asked Weather Boy for a review. He told me, “Mom, she put our diapers on backwards.” I told him, no big deal, buddy. Seems like they all got along well. Drewbie cried a little after we left, but got over it pretty fast.

I think I can see better nowHadn’t been to the zoo in a long time. OK, two months. So we went on Sunday. Nice time. Drewbie is now at an age where he’s recognizing things and telling us his “thoughts” in his own little language. Went thru the new monkey area. Drewbie saw the animals and would say, “Uh oh,” or “Oooo” when the moved. Tried very hard to keep up with Weather Boy. Weather Boy wanted to see the snakes and even pointed them out on the map. We saw 1/4 of the snake house this trip. The monitor lizard seem especially interested in the boys as we walked up. No free lunches here.

Check out the Polar Bears!Then took skyfari over to the Polar Bears. Spent a lot of time there. Polar bears were very active. Had ice filed with carrots, crickets and fish for them to play with. Saw them swimming and playing. Very cool. Had a snack and watch them some more.

Weather Boy the Spider Boy Took the skyfari back to the Children’s Zoo. Drewbie started getting into petting the goats until one sneezed, and then he was done. Poor little guy!

Look at the plane! Went to El Indio for lunch. Just in time to beat the lunch rush. Drewbie wanted a chip, so Weather Boy’s dad gave in. Drewbie was happy until he licked the salsa off the chip he had just dipped like the big boys. Cried, but quickly got over it. Good boy! Your Papa M would be proud!

Cold a little worse today. Took some stuff that has made me cloudy in the head. Got to beat this thing before it gets worse. Drug body into work. Happy Monday, y’all!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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