Christmas Cards

Normally, I send out our Christmas cards in a frenzed rush a little before Christmas. I have even sent out New Years cards due to not getting Chirstmas cards out in time.

I have turned over a new leaf this year. I have used in the past to send out Drewbie's birth announcement, a Halloween card in 2002, and Christmas cards, always using some photo from the year or from a special Christmas card shoot.

I have used them again this year with much success. I submitted my order yesterday because I received an email for 25% off the price if I placed the order by yesterday. Gathered and updated all the addresses and pressed send. The one cool thing about the service is that you can place an order and ask them to send the cards on a future date. Mine are going to be sent on the 5th. I didn't want to send them too early and people to think I'm psycho, but not too late so they think I'm completely disorganized. Catch what I mean?

Small preview of card - I want it to be a little surprise at least when you get the card! After much debate, we used a photo from Auntie K and Uncle S wedding this past July of all four of us. I would prefer to send a card of just the guys, but decided to go for it with us all in it. Probablly not the best picture of us ever taken, but it'll have to do.

Love technology - when it helps! Happy Thursday!


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