Early December photos

Neglected blog again. Busy at work - 60 hours last week. Office is closed this week, but lame me, I have to go in tomorrow. Anywho, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

AquariumWe hadn't been to the aquarium in a while. When we went, there was hardly anyone there. We arrived just in time to see the large aquarium being cleaned. Normally, the room is so crowded that we aren't able to see what's going on. Here's a picture of the guys kicking back. Drew looks like he's about to go to sleep.

MayorI had the honor of driving the mayor in my brother-in-law's car during the PB Holiday Parade. Very fun and a very nice guy


DirtWhile I was driving the mayor, Grandma and Papa M watched the boys. They made dirt cups. The next day, we enjoyed one for breakfast, and this is the result.

Sugar Plum FairyWeather Boy's school had their Christmas play, and re-enacted the Nutcraker, just like last year. This year his class were the sugar plum faries. Thankfully for Weather Boy's dad, the boys wore crowns.

PartyWe enjoyed our friends birthday party recently at an indoor kids gym. Had a great time watching the boys play and catching up with friends.




TrainHad fun riding the train at the mall after getting pictures with Santa. Will post those, Heath's birthday, and Christmas photos tomorrow. Good night!


Danelle said...

Hi Brook,

I accidentally deleted your email address and shipping address. Can you email it to me, I want to send out these goodies to you.


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