More December Photos

DrewbieWe celebrated Weather Boy's birthday with the L side of the family on the 18th. Here are some pictures from the dinner.

Cousin E & Weather Boy

Drewbie & Weather BoyWe celebrated with the M side on the 19th. Here is the best photo.

Knight DrewbieChristmas Eve with the M side.


New toys from Grandma and Papa

Drewbie with new toys from Grandma and Papa

Drewbie peekingDrewbie opened his present from Uncle G, but wasn't unwrapping it all the way. He decided to just peek at it as it was half unwrapped.

Uncle G & Weather Boy

Uncle G & Weather BoyUncle G was the last to leave on Christmas Eve, so we put him to "work" reading books for Weather Boy before he went to sleep. He got to experience the joy of Dr. Seuss' rhyming.

Multi-taskingChristmas morning at our house. Drewbie multi-tasking - one hand on Bobbie, the other unwrapping, only left his mouth to hold his milk.

Ah-eee!Drew with his favorite new toy from Santa.

ConcentrationThe boys enjoying the game together.

BoxAs always, the box and wrapping paper are the big hits of the day.

BubblesPlaying with the new bubble maker Santa gave. Santa must have know that I was getting tired of blowing bubbles. Thank you, Santa!

More Bubbles

TractorUncle G went overboard with Christmas presents. Weather Boy received this present from him, and loves it. I think we need to put helmets on when they ride it.

New SweatshirtChristmas day at the Ls. Drewbie in his new sweat shirt.

Half-naked BoyDrewbie decided he enjoyed being Half-Naked Boy.

BellyDrewbie likes to put things on his belly and make them go up and down. Silly boy!

More pictures soon from the last week of '05. Happy New Year!


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