Favorite Pictures from the last month or so

Dirty NoseDrewbie decided he wanted to play in the plant area in the front yard. It so happens, he had a runny nose on the day after Christmas. He enjoyed playing in the dirt, and the next thing we knew, the dirt was introduced to his runny nose! Drewbie has strange enjoyment in laying down to examine things more. We went to the zoo over the weekend, and Drewbie decided he wanted to lay down right in the middle of a pathway and examine a hole in the concrete. Silly boy!

Drewbie and the AirplaneWe went to a birthday party of one of Weather Boy's classmates at a park and had too much fun.

Peak a boo!


Drewbie and the whale

More Drewbie and the whale

Who's the yo-yo?!Weather Boy playing with a Chinese yo-yo he received as treasure from the party.

Ahoy!Weather Boy playing with a telescope. In one of the pictures, but I don't think this one, Weather Boy struggles with closing the right eye to look through the telescope.

Yummy!Boy, don't get in the way of Drewbie and a cupcake! He doesn't waste time by picking it up, especially since all he eats is the frosting.

Group PhotoWe move on. Pictures from the Clydesdale area at Sea World.

Cheese!Drewbie and I enjoying the penguins at Sea World.

I'm not wet, am I?Weather Boy loves touching the rays at Sea World.

All of usThe world was going to end if Drewbie didn't get to touch the rays also. Shortly after this photo, Drewbie decided to lay down and examine the wet concrete much to my delight.

All smilesPicture of cousine E and Weather Boy while celebrating Uncle SPU's birthday. They had just gotten out of the U's new jacuzzi, hence no glasses on Weather Boy and the wet hair.

PJsUncle S and Auntie K gave Drewbie the PJs he has on in this photo for Christmas. The football on the PJs has texture on it, and they are enjoying watching Drewbie touching it. Grandma L, if you want to see a bigger version of this picture, click here. I might be able to lighten the picture if you are interested in a copy (You, too, Auntie K).

See, all clean!Since it has been cold in the evenings, we have tried to do things in the house. Weather Boy helped make some pudding by cleaning up the bowl afterwards.

I love this job!


I'll post more pictures shortly. Thanks for looking!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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