Random Drewbie

Drewbie has been hitting Weather Boy in the bath tub when Drewbie gets mad at Weather Boy. I've been getting on to Drewbie about this, and asking him not to do it and to say he is sorry to Weather Boy.

Drewbie has now learned this routine. After he hits Weather Boy, Drewbie says sorry before I can ask him to, and he hugs Weather Boy. Depending on how close the two are (some days we have a DMZ between them), Drewbie sometimes ends up hugging Weather Boy's knee. It's hard for me to keep a stern face when I see this.

All smiles, at least in this picture!The boys have been playing with a new toy in the bath. It is a fish bowl that connects to the side of the bath tub with suction cups and has a fishing pole with a magnet on the end that you use to fishing things out of the bowl - a boot, ball, etc. You drain the water out from the bottom, which trickles out and make a wheel go around. I think it's made by Fisher Price and has Elmo on it. You can see a little bit of of in this picture of the boys (My entertainment some nights is to make crazy hairdo on the boys when there's soap in their hair - sad but true!).

Anywho, the boys have been fighting over who gets to put a cup at the bottom of the fish bowl to collect the water dripping from it. I've been telling Weather Boy, who seems to hog the water, that he needs to share with his brother and take turns. Now, when Drewbie thinks Weather Boy is hogging the water for too long, he says in his little voice, "Share," over and over again (which doesn't quite come out clear, but I caught on pretty quick), until I ask Weather Boy to share. Drewbie may not be as far along in speech as Weather Boy was at the same age, but Drewbie definitly knows what he's taking about and how to get his point across.

Have a great day!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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