Weather Boy eye doctor appointment

Eye glassesWeather Boy had an eye doctor appointment and Weather Boy's dad went with him. They were surprised (didn't mention it when I scheduled the appointment) that the doc dilated Weather Boy's eyes. So it was a long appointment - 40 minutes after the eye drops went in, the doctor did his exam. When I saw Weather Boy after work, he looked really tired in his eyes. He didn't want to wear the sunglasses afterwards - he never has. I'm not sure how he does it, but he does.

The doctor gave him a new lens prescription saying that the reason for the increase in strength was 75% due to his lazy eye. He's hoping that the increase strength will help straighten his eye. We need to patch his eye for an hour a day for two months, and discontinue patching for the third month, and then we see the doctor again. Weather Boy's dad and I talked about this briefly while having dinner out for Weather Boy's dad's birthday and trying to corral the kids in the booth, so I'm not sure if I have all this right :-)


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