Sunday, March 12, 2006 - Winter Wonderland

Snow, man!Had fun yesterday in the snow at Julian. Ride up went OK. Left house at 8:00. Bathroom stop in Ramona for Weather Boy. Stopped at Dudley's for a breakfast snack. Hail on the ground. Easy traffic. In Julian by 9:15. Parked by Julian Pie Company. Best call of the day. Other way was jam packed by the time we left.

Got the boys bundled up. Outer layer was their rain jackets and boots. Drewbie wanted nothing to do with the snow. Wouldn't even stand in it. Thirty pounds starts weighing on you, walking in snow in rain boots (me). Weather Boy had fun and laughed. Played around the car while we bundled up, then headed up a side street and played there. Then, the meltdown. Weather Boy started crying because he was cold. Drewbie started crying because...well, I'm not sure. Switched clothes to dry ones and made our way to Mom's. Meltdown continued a bit more. Had a cookie (Weather Boy's dad and I needed some caffeine, so we had a Coke) and warmed up by the stove.

Trekked out again to the craft store in the garage and a couple other little places. Found some gloves for Weather Boy. New favorite thing. Two places we wanted to visit were closed - the cider, nut, jam, jelly, etc. place down the street from Mom's, and the Julian Pie Company. Headed across the street from Julian Pie Co to get this picture with the snowman. Weather Boy played a little more in the snow. Seemed over his meltdown. Tired of carry thirty pounds in my arms, thru the snow. Headed to the car and warmed up. Decided to head out since we had our fun.

Crash!The line of cars headed to Julian by the time we left was unbearable. Probably around 10 miles of stop and go on up. Started snowing on the way home. Weather Boy liked putting his hand out the window to catch it. Weather Boy was begging to get out in the snow again. Stopped a little outside Julian and played more. Hopped in the car and we were out of there. This is a picture of a car we saw on the way up, but Weather Boy's dad took a picture on the way down. Which came first: the ticket or the crash? Traffic was going a little slow at this point, so no safety rules were broken during the taking of this picture.

Happy BoyStopped again at Dudley's for bread, too long of a line. Bought pies and cider next door. While Weather Boy's dad and Drewbie did that, Weather Boy and I played in the snow adjacent to the parking lot of Dudley's. Took this happy picture of him.

Ride after that, the boys were tired, traffic was a little slow thru Ramona. Started acting up. Made it home barely in one piece. Boys napped for 3 1/2 hours. We ended up waking them since it was 6:30. Nice evening.

Details of Saturday and the joy we had at Dragon Tales Live coming shortly.

Happy Monday!


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