Another catch up post

Time flies.

B-dayPictures from Drewbie's birthday




B-dayPictures from Uncle S & Drewbie's birthday celebration. Uncle S's birthday is on the same day as Drewbie's. Uncle S & Auntie K announced they were pregnant just to family. Those are rollie pollies in the cup.


BubblesPictures from playing bubbles in the yard.


PoolPicture of an afternoon at the U's house in their new pool.

TrainPicture while at the PM train.

WetGetting wet in the driveway.

Kiddie PoolWe bought a kiddie pool for the boys to enjoy on what we thought were some hot days here in SoCal. Now we know that it can get even hotter!

Kiddie PoolHere's that silly pose again from Drewbie.

Gotta go. They guys want me.


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