Fun weekends!

MaskWe've had a lot of fun the last two weekends. On the 12th we went to the U's to celebrate Auntie K and Cousin K's birthdays. We had a blast in the U's pool. Weather Boy is quite the courageous one! He was jumping off the rock formations without hesitations. He's getting to be such a big guy!

Jump!All the L boys loved the slide. It took a while for Drewbie to warm up, but once he did, we couldn't get him to get out of the pool when it was time to leave!

More Slide

More Slide

More Slide

Rest breakDrewbie taking a break from the fun.

Double JumpBy the end of the day, Drewbie was even jumping from the lower rocks with his brother. By the way, the little shark mask Drewbie is half wearing (he doesn't quite want it over his eyes yet, just on his head) was purchased on sale about three years ago (online) for $4 from Gymboree. It really makes for cute pictures of Drewbie.

Money ShirtHave to share this one. Creative Uncle J and D gave Cousin K this shirt. The birthday card said that the present was something every teenager (K is 13!) wanted this year and was the perfect color. Boy, was he right! He pinned the money to the shirt and viola! BTW, Weather Boy asked me what Viola meant this weekend. Boy, he is really cranking up the question count a day. Love it!

On the 13th, we went to a birthday party to a kiddo at Weather Boy's school. We went to the new park at the end of Camino Ruiz. A great time was had by all and such a beautiful park. Pictures are still on the camera because Weather Boy's dad has been working too much lately. I'll post some soon.

RolodexOn the 19th, after rearranging the stars to go (not really, just had to ask Grandma and Papa M to watch the boys - Weather Boy's dad had to work), I took at class at Ever After from the very talented Leah and LOVED IT! The above picture is Leah's example. I'm continuing to work on mine. This project was also featured in this months Scrapbook Etc. It was nice to get out and have some fun. Leah is a great teacher and very nice. If she is at your LSS anytime soon, RUN to the class!

The boys didn't want to nap, so we headed to Cousin G's going away party. He is leaving this week for UCONN on a baseball scholarship. The boys had fun rolling around in the dirt as usual. Just stayed long enough to get dirty and ran off to dinner with Auntie K and Uncle S. The boys were full of energy and generally crazy during dinner, which hopefully didn't scare Auntie K and Uncle S too much (they are 6 months prego).

EggVery full Saturday turned in to a great Sunday. Went to the Wild Animal Park with the boys. Headed straight to Lorikeet Landing I had forgotten Drewbie isn't very fond of all the noise in there until he started crying and hiding behind me. Unfortunately, one landed on his head, and he just about blew a gasket. Weather Boy and I had fun. As soon as Weather Boy and I were done feeding the birds, Drewbie stopped crying and actually had a little fun making his "Doh!" noise at the birds close to the exit.

Next, we headed to the Petting Kraal. Weather Boy had fun feeding the animals while Drewbie enjoyed watching. Drewbie bit the dust outside the Kraal and had a boo-boo on his knee. You would have thought he lost a finger from the noise he was making. Oh well, I love making impressions on complete strangers. Anywho, before going into the Kraal, Weather Boy caught a dragonfly with his hands and so we put it in the Animal Cracker Box. He kept it for a while, very proud of his accomplishment. He accidentally let it go while after we played on the Jungle Gym, but got over it pretty fast.

GorillaWe headed to the Gorilla on our way out, mainly for me, because I like to see them. The boys poised in front of the gorilla diagram. Drewbie didn't get to spread his arms, so instead, he looks like he is being held up.

On our way out, the boys had fun playing/rolling on the grass hill by the parking lot. We were there for quite some time. We enjoyed playing the back yard on the gym, and swinging. Drewbie took a good nap, but Weather Boy didn't, even after not taking one on our full Saturday. Maybe naps are gone... but I'm still holding on onto hope! We had fun continuing playing on the gym, and called it a weekend.

Have a great week!


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