Method to the Madness

MethodBeen using Method tub+tile cleaner after the boys bath a couple times a week to get rid of the ring around the tub (before Bertha comes and does a full cleaning job) and to clean the down stairs bathroom (the guys get it pretty dirty while washing the dirt off their hands). Love the smell and that it's not toxic. I still wash the tub down after use even though they say just wipe and no rinse. Bought it at Target a couple months ago. Good purchase. Thought I'd share.

Was greeted to throw up in Drewbie's bed last night. I cover the boys before I go to bed, and knew the second I walked in his room what happened. He's been battling a cold/cough this week and was a little sluggish yesterday evening, but I never thought this bad. Seems OK today. Had a MELTDOWN at Barns & Noble today. Might have to bring the meltdown sign from Weather Boy's days back. I'm hoping it was just because he's a little under the weather, but fear that the Terrible Twos might have hit a little late. Ugh. Put him down early for a nap. Might have to skip S-Man's party so he can rest.

Working on making a Crashing witch. A neighbor around the corner use to put one up every October on the light post, but not this year. Decided to piece one together for our street. Bought long sleeve shirt, sweat pants, and shoes at a local thrift store and a broom, stockings, gloves, and a witch's hat with hair on it at a local halloween store. Just need Weather Boy's dad to do the hammering and nailing. Looking forward to a cool tradition.

That's it for now. Happy Saturday!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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