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Water ColoringWhile hanging out in the driveway on an early November weekend, the boys wanted to water color. They started out painting on paper, them moved to leaves, and finally to their faces. They did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself, without looking in a mirror!

Water Coloring

CreekSpent some time at a local creek. The boys loved to pretend they were fishing and fish out leaves.


PaigeThe boys received a new cousin, Paige, on Pearl Harbor Day. If one of our boys had been a girl, Paige would have been the name we chose, so obviously we love her even more!

DisneyMy co-worker gave us some tickets to Disneyland that had a quick expiration date, so we took them and ran up one Sunday in December. This was Drewbie’s first visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. Great fun. Lots of pictures of just Drewbie while Weather Boy and one of us parents went on a ride that Drewbie was too short for. Drewbie was cool with everything.

DisneyDisney has been working to convert the old submarine ride into a Nemo themed ride of some sort. The boys enjoyed getting their picture taken along the construction wall. Drewbie wanted to stop at every item for a picture, even the bubbles. He LOVES Nemo.


DisneyI enjoyed the conversion of It’s a Small World to a holiday theme. They sang holiday songs in between renditions of It’s a Small World. This helped reduce the desire to poke one’s eardrums out because one can’t get that song out of ones head. Don’t get me wrong – I love the ride, but I hate getting that song stuck in my head for days.



AmazonSanta did most of her shopping on Amazon, and Amazon went CRAZY with their packing materials. We saved them for a while and played in them. Too much fun, but a lot of waste in my opinion.

NutcrackerThe boys had fun at their preschools rendition of the Nutcracker. They were the marching solders. Weather Boy was into it and had the typical march down – straight arms and legs walking around in a circle with the rest of the kids. However, Drewbie put his hand in his mouth and walked in a very small circle. After the play, Santa visited each classroom, but the boys had no desire to meet him. I got a little nervous of our upcoming photo with Santa at the mall, but all went well. I’ll post a picture of that next time.

Oh hey, that’s right! Drewbie started preschool at the same place and class at Weather Boy on November 7. Almost perfect (99.9%) transition. Weather Boy kept warning his teachers that Drewbie was going to cry his first day, and they were concerned, but it never happened. Bye-byes went well with the help of Weather Boy being there and fun toys to grab immediately upon arrival.

At nap time on the first day, Drewbie and Weather Boy laid their mats close to each other. Weather Boy said he lay down with his hand outstretched. Little Drewbie saw his hand, grabbed it with his, and they feel asleep holding hands. Drewbie needed a little extra comfort and big bro was there, whether he really wanted to give up his hand or not, but at least he didn’t protest. I WISH I had a picture of them doing this. Oh well, I have recorded it here so I’ll have this info in the future.

Drewbie seems to have narrowed down his list of acceptable foods he eats while at home. The same is true for preschool. He loves broccoli, raw or cook, while at school. Hmm, I wonder if he was switch at birth because both Weather Boy’s dad and I HATE broccoli and always have. Weather Boy eats it at school, too, but that’s about all Drewbie will eat at school. Thankfully, they have broccoli just about every day.

Drewbie is starting to pretend pee on the toilets at school, and yesterday actual went. Yeah!!!

BikeWe bought a two wheel Spiderman bike from Costco as a bribe to get Weather Boy to stop peeing in his pants. We never got it out of the box because Weather Boy keeps peeing in his pants on occasion. (Don’t get me started on this). So, we decided to give the bike to him on his birthday. He rode it for the first time on the 20th of December with training wheels. Weather Boy and his dad went for a three mile ride on the 23rd at the lake, and Weather Boy’s dad said he never heard the training wheels hit the ground. The next day, Weather Boy’s dad took the training wheels off even after I protested. Next thing I knew, he was off down the driveway, riding perfectly! Pretty cool. He is now learning how to start on his own, but that will come with time. He LOVES riding his bike, especially in the street (under close supervision of course) and our cul-de-sac is perfect.

More catching up soon. Feels good to get this stuff down before I forget.


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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