The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good: We had a nice time at Sea World last weekend, albeit short.

Love this one of Weather Boy and a killer whale.

Did a Target run on Presidents Day so that we could do something different than play in the house and rain. Bought and made some brownies, which Weather Boy really enjoyed.

We visited Uncle J & D to see their new back yard's progress on Sunday. Due to the messed up Xmas, J gave the boys their Xmas presents. One of Weather Boy's gifts was a treasure island that you have to hack into to get the treasure.

Uncle J always finds very unique toys that the boys like. He said his strategy is buying things that Uncle J would like if he were a boy. Great stratagy because it's working!

Hard at work

The bad: Made a nice mess in the tv room with all the sand, but it was worth it because the boys had fun, even the grown up boy - their dad.

Drewbie playing Nemo on the puter

Weather Boy showing off one of the treasures - a skull. Lovely for mom to see an enjoy, too.

The ugly: Enjoyed President's day off, but paid the price. I worked 48 hours in 4 days. Also, the boys got sick. Fever, cold, and cough. Little sleep for me because I'd get up at night and check their temps and wouldn't go to sleep until 11 or 12 because working late at the office or from home.

Drewbie is better today but Weather Boy is taking another hit. Back up to 102 temps. Weather Boy fell asleep in front of the TV at 10:00 am, slept until 12:30. Drebie sleeping now (down at 1:45). Chilling in front of the TV now. We haven't been in the house for this long since infanthood. I'm going a little stir crazy, but rest is probably the best thing right now because I'm having Sciatic nerve issues. Not making it any better by sitting at work for 12 hours straight.

Anywho, enough complaining. I HAVE NEXT FRIDAY OFF!!!! Yeah! Nothing much planned - hair day and relax. Another busy work week ahead, but I HAVE NEXT FRIDAY OFF! Well, have a great week, and I'll check in again soon.

ETA: New Blogger and I are not getting along. I'm trying to fix this post to make it work like past posts. I hope to make this damn thing work soon.


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