Long absence from blogging for a reason. Initially thought Sciatic nerve issues, but after pain got so bad I couldn't stand for very long, walking was painful, and sitting wasn't a possibility, went in for an MRI. Turns out I have a large L5/S1 disc herniation. Surgery was recommended by my primary doc. Not too excited about this possibility. Decided to consider surgery along with another recommendation from my primary doc of fluoroscopy guided epidural steroid injection (FGESI).

Can't find a good link to what FGESI is but but see if this article helps understand: http://www.ajnr.org/cgi/content/full/25/10/1821

Yucky procedure with a really wierd feeling. Had two epidurals for pain with giving birth to my sons, but this is a different ball of wax. All done in my lower back. Give shot to dull pain, shoot stuff in to be able to see under x-ray thing, then shoot steriod into disc. Use x-ray to make sure the steriod injection is directly into the disc. Intended to help disc shrink and relieve pain on nerve. Less than 10 minute procedure, but really yucky to feel it moving around. Can have three in a year. Will review in two weeks to see if it worked. If not, will get it again or consider other options.

Been home from work now for two weeks. Doctor recomends staying home another two. Haven't left the house much and getting stir crazy and angry about this whole thing. Trying to keep my head up. Various feelings of being a loser and not just stucking it up. Feel bad that work is tyring to manage without me. Blah. I think I need some chocolate to make my brain feel better.

Good thing: Didn't eat much the first few days when the pain was really bad, and lost some lbs. Maybe this will be the latest Hollywierd diet: Extreme pain diet. I can see it now, Hollywierd it girls paying people to inflict pain upon them at every meal. Wow, I need to get out.

Not really liking new Blogger. I keep losing parts of posts and can't get the damn pictures to work the way I want. Anywho...

Neighbors up the street cut down their trees. They were Liquid Amber Trees and had bur-like "fruit" that the boys liked to play with and collect. I really like them and so did the boys. I enjoyed seeing them change with each season. Here's the last picture I have of the trees.

Getting back to the purpose of this blog: Crazy rain and thunder storms yesterday. Not too common here in SoCal. The thunder was long. Pretty cool. Nice weather today.

My last outing was to Disneyland with the boys. Bought annual passes. Will post pictures with my next post.

Have a nice weekend!


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