During my time off I have realized HBO just plays the same movies over and over. I’ve been trying to watch movies instead of TV because I hate commercials. Here is a list of the ones they keep playing recently.

Monster in Law – cute movie, but not good to watch every day. Jane Fonda’s laugh is wicked! Love it.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – same as Monster in Law

Syriana – for some reason, I still don’t quite understand this movie. Did George Clooney’s character know the bomb was coming and if so, did he want to die? Too confusing for my simple brain. Sad about the son dying. Don’t like that part

Witches of Eastwick – OK movie when nothing else is on

Kingdom of Heaven – OK movie. Good action, but seeing the movie a couple of times is good enough. The Crusades were stupid in my opinion. What a waste of time and life.

Curious George – I don’t have to subject myself to more cartoons. Have taped this and watched it with the boys.

HBO Original – Addiction – Haven’t take the time to watch. Turned off by the title as being a depressing movie.

Kicking and Screaming – Watched before and once is enough. Not as bad as Talledega Nights .

Star Wars – all 6 of them – HBO must own this series because it is ALWAYS on. I didn’t realize how much of this move I have forgotten. I didn’t remember that Darth Vader dies in the last one. Can watch this if nothing else is on.

The Island – Haven’t watched all of this, just caught pieces. Seems like good action. Might have to watch this one.

The Constant Gardener – is constantly on. Good movie. Took me the second time watching to understand everything. A couple of times is good enough.

Major League – all of them – skipped. Saw the first one a while back, skipped the rest.

Just Like Heaven – cute Reese Witherspoon movie. Chic movie. Watched it a couple of time and probably will watch again. Good one.

Die Hard – watched the original recently and it’s still a good action movie.

Transporter 2 – Loved the first one. Great action and story. Can’t get a few minutes into the second one before it becomes too hokey and unbelievable.

You’ve got Mail – Chic movie – love it. Can watch this one over and over.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – with Kevin Costner – good one and entertaining. Can watch this multiple times.
So these are the ones I can easily remember. I’m sure there are others that are escaping me now. Now you know how I have been wasting time recently. :-)


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