We spent 10 days on Kauai with the boys and Weather Boy's Dad's side of the family. Lots of fun and too much sun. The boys traveled well with the portable DVD player. Drewbie lost his fear of the ocean and Weather Boy likes to body womp and ride the boogie board.
It's a boys' heaven - lots of things to catch, dirt/sand to play in, and staying up late.

This is a picture taken at Baby Beach in Poipou. Not much waves, but the boys still had fun.

The boys didn't have an interest in snorkeling, just goofing around in the water. They liked their goggles the best

But we did manage to get them in the snorkles once or twice.

We saw a lot more turtles this trip. Weather Boy's Dad and I normally go to Kauai in September or October and we don't see as many turtles so this was a treat.
Another one from Baby Beach. These pools had little fish in them which the boys, including Weather Boy's dad, tried to catch for hours.
Weather Boy getting ready to body womp, which he enjoyed each night at the place we stayed at.
Drewbie at his favorite pool. It was 2 feet and he prefered the pool over body womping.
Evening in the pool
A rare moment of rest with Missy P, their cousin.

Weather Boy showing his fish catch at Baby Beach

Drewbie liked it when the waves (knee slappers) crashed into him. This is his "get ready" position. :-)

Family dinner at Duke's, Weather Boy's Dad's favorite resturant.

Weather Boy working up the courage to eat the orchid that came on his plate
Drewbie enjoying a fruit smoothie. Looks like we caught him doing something wrong, but he wasn't.

Our underwater camera died on our last day, but we got these pictures via an HP Kiosk. However, we couldn't get the videos onto a DVD yet, so no videos yet to share. Hopefully, they'll be coming soon.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!
Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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