Drewbie's Ear Tubes

Mmmm!! Hola! We have had an adventurous week as only a traveling circus could have. Weather Boy spent the night at Grandma and Papa M’s house Monday night since Drewbie had to be at the hospital by 6:00 am on the 22nd for ear tubes. Weather Boy’s dad and I enjoyed being parents to just one child again. Ah, life was simpler then, but we would never trade in one of our guys for it! We went to our favorite Italian restaurant and heading to Costco to take care of our normal weekend errand during the week. It was a nice change to our normal routine.

Ear Tubes
We got up and raced to the hospital Tuesday morning. Drewbie woke up shortly after we got him out of bed and was content to look around. Boy, was the hospital organized! My anal retentive self appreciated the organization and swiftness of the whole process. We checked in a room that was designed just for the initial check in. After all the paperwork, we proceeded to the waiting room for the pre-op check in. I had to stay clear of Drewbie because every time he saw me, he was reminded of the milk truck and wanted to eat. Dad played with him in the little play area in the waiting room. There were about 5 other families, and we wondering what they were all there for. Drew was the youngest by far, which made me a little nervous.

Nurses are Saints! The pre-op nurses arrived, and we met with a sweet nurse. Drewbie changed into the hospital gown that had little cartoon tigers on it and a pair of socks. It was only then that I wished I had brought a camera. He looked so cute for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m use to seeing people like my grandma in those types of gowns. Anyway, as the nurse discussed how the rest of our time there was going to go, I had to hide around the corner out of Drewbie’s site. I blew bubbles at the nurse’s request to keep Drewbie entertained and semi-happy. He was REALLY hungry at this point.

Is he done yet?! After getting all the details, we went back out to the waiting room, and were then quickly called into a private room where we met with the anesthesiologist. She noticed Drewbie’s hunger, and said that Dr. B was there, so they would get started before the scheduled time. They took him away, and I got a little more nervous. I ate a little food, and read a little bit of the paper, and before I knew it, he was done. He woke up really quick after they were done, and the nurse who came to got us told us that he immediately started trying to eat the nurse’s shoulder!

I fed him, and all the other kids were making it into the recovery area. There were a few who were really crying. I put on my mp3 player so I could drown out the noise and relax. I thought after he ate he would sleep, but he got up wondering where the party was at! Thankfully, the anesthetic didn’t make him cranky, which is something that we were warned would frequently happen. We went through the quick discharge procedures. The nurse said it wouldn’t be unusual if he threw up at least three times. That was something pleasant to look forward to! Anyway, we were in the car and leaving at 8:00 am.

Drewbie seem like his normal self. He fell asleep in the car on our way home from one errand. I got him into bed and he slept for a couple hours. We enjoyed a walk in the afternoon and some play time with our friends V & Elle. Drewbie went down for a nap for a couple more hours and got up in time to see Weather Boy and Dad come home. Thank God everything went so smoothly (and no throwing up!).

He had a little discharge from his ear over the next couple days, but the doctor said no big deal. Now we just have to keep water out of his ears and need to get fitted for ear plugs so that when he takes a bath or goes for a swim, we can keep the water out.

U2 tonight! I’ll post again about Easter, U2, and the alligator lizard I caught. Happy Monday!


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