Weekend of May 14 & 15, 2005

Stinky Head Saturday we ventured to the zoo and ran our alternate course where we head over to the elephants and then the polar bears. We then take the skyfari back to the Children's Zoo and turtles. Weather Boy's dad found another green anole. This time, Weather Boy's dad was prepared with the bug cage to transport him home. We have donated this one to Weather Boy's school also.

The kids at Weather Boy's school are tyring to name the first lizard and now have another one. Looks like the first one's name according to Weather Boy is Lizzie or Stinky Head, depending on his mood at the moment. I suggested this one's name be Larry, but Weather Boy liked the Stinky name theme and came up with some loopy altertatives. We'll see what its name turns out to be.

We were invited to Auntie K and Uncle S house for a dinner party but couldn't go because both Weather Boy's dad and I have been dealing with nasty coughs. It is rare that we have a babysitter (Grandma L) AND a party to go to, but we didn't want to get sicker or pass it on to others so we just kicked back.

Look yonder! Sunday we headed to PB to get some breakfast burritos and hang out on the beach. Unlike the Mother's Day outing, we were prepared. We arrived with the bare necessities (towels, sunscreen, toys) since Weather Boy's dad and I knew we weren't going to have a moment to sit in a beach chair or under an umbrella with these two guys running around.

Mmmm... sand.We enjoyed digging holes, playing with sand toys, and eating sand. Wait, only Drewbie enjoyed eating sand (again!). Boy, oh boy, this guy won't eat much in the way of normal food, but he sure loves sand! Go figure! We kept his sand intake to a minimum by heading down to the water and checking out what the low tide revealed.

Unexpected wave catches Weather BoyWe saw a lot of shellfish (a really common type that I can't find the name to) jockeying for position with each wave. Weather Boy enjoyed checking these out, and Drewbie, thankfully, didn't eat any. We headed over to the pier to check out what was under it. Weather Boy enjoyed checking out the sand crabs that congerated around each of the piers pillers. A wave caught Weather Boy by surprise and he clung on to a pillar for dear life and cried. Of course, Weather Boy's dad did the natural thing: he took a picture!

Grandma L was still in town and offered to watch the guys while Weather Boy's dad and I went out to dinner. We didn't do anything exciting (Panera and Barnes & Noble), but it was refreshing to be out without the kids.

Not to totally disregard the purpose of this blog, the weather this weekend was perfect! It felt like summer, and we loved it!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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