Memorial Day Weekend

The Cliffhouse AWESOME weekend! We spent a day and 3/4 in La Quinta, CA, soaking up the heat. We enjoyed a nice dinner at The Cliffhouse Saturday night after seeing that little Star Wars movie that's out right now. Pretty good. Predictable being that everyone knows where they ended up. Very wierd to actually be out and about like a normal person! I actually took a shower AND washed my hair IN THE MORNING (normally at night). What a treat (I'm not kidding).

Mainly just kicked back. Weather Boy's dad had some business to take care of while we were out there, but other than that, it was an unscheduled time, which was such a nice break from the normal. We enjoyed watching Indy 500, and specifically rooting for Danica Patrick. I'm not a big car racing fan, but just like horse racing, it's on TV in the afternoon when the guys nap, so we check it out. She came SO CLOSE to winning! Maybe next year!

The guys did OK at Grandma and Papa M's while we were gone. Weather Boy woke up on Sunday morning and cried. Grandma thought he was sick, but I think he woke up expecting to be at home, and was surprised when he wasn't. He took at 4 hour nap on Sunday (wow!), and Drewbie took around an hour. Drewbie was SO tired when we got home, he went to sleep at 6:00 pm (normally he goes down just before 8:00) and never woke up. How much more different could these guys be?!

What the buzz is all aboutMonday we went to the zoo. The new Heart of the Zoo just opened. It was SO busy we just breezed through it quickly. Looks cool. They have some new boards up for us to stick our heads thru (see picture). Being that bugs rule this house, this one was perfect for us. I love the way Heath's looking thru the hole. Makes me laught each time!

Had a BBQ (just the four of us) Sunday night. All was well until... another meltdown. Can't remember the details (maybe I'm forcing myself to forget). Being that I'm not sure if there was an actual meltdown on Monday or if I'm combining it with yesterday's, I'm not putting in the meltdown picture.

The only thing better that having a holiday on a Monday is the short work week! Yahoo!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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