Spring or Summer?

What a great day! When we left home today for the beach at 9:45am, it was already 91 degrees (F). We were happy to leave the 'hood for the coast. Until 11:30, there was an off shore breeze that was miserably hot, but the wind shifted to on shore, which made it so nice. Then some haze came in and it was even better.

While the wind was off-shore, there was a bug explosion that we enjoyed. There were tons of Painted Ladies trying to fight the wind and get back to land. Also, quite a few lady bugs, and the boys' favorite, Stink Bugs. Side note: The linked article says they don't fly, and I thought they didn't fly either. However, we saw them flying like crazy, and I even swat one down while it was flying, and sure enough, it was a stink bug.

Back on topic, the boys have fun making sand pits for the bugs and watching them try to get out. They'd play with them for a quite a while, get bored, and dig holes or go into the water a bit. There was a family next to us that had a stink bug crawling across their towel and they were freaking out. I told Drewbie to go get the bug, since they were in collection mode. He quickly went over and grabbed it much to the family's horror and the father's embarrassment. We had a good laugh together about it.

You may have heard about a shark attack that happened in a town next to my childhood home. We were at Torrey Pines State Beach. We were advised not to go in the water due to the attack. Since I wasn't planning on going in the water to swim anyway, we just hung out in the knee slappers.

The hours went by quickly. Weather Boy made a friend and had fun swimming and torturing stink bugs. As we were walking to the car, Drewbie found Cali, a caterpillar. They brought him home and played with him until they lost him. That was OK because Weather Boy's Dad brought home some "sticker" bugs, as the boys call them, and they were happy as clams.

Here's a few pictures of our day. Gotta get to sleep - back to work tomorrow! Have a great week!


Hypothesis: Heath the Weatherboy has a better batting average than the professional weather people in forecasting weather in Southern California. Come and see if the hypothesis of a proud mom is correct!
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